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IECQ certification makes components reliable

By Aliyah Esmail

IECQ, the IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components, ensures the safety and reliability of electronic components used in the IT, avionics, and a number of other industries. It also monitors and tests the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment and provides assessment and certification for facilities that handle unprotected ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive devices.

Counterfeit parts in the aerospace sector are a hazard. Counterfeit parts in the aerospace sector are a hazard.

Faster and more accurate information on the new IECQ webpage

The new and totally revamped website provides quick access to frequent visitors and first time users to IECQ services, publications and documents, online certificates, working groups, events and meetings or an overview of what the System offers. The website is a powerful tool that allows all levels of users to find the information they are looking for.

Avionics industry aims to limit the use of lead in its components

The avionics and increasingly other industries depend on the IECQ Electronic Component Management Plan to assess suppliers and safely manage their components’ supply chain. IECQ also allows manufacturers to more easily comply with increasingly strict hazardous substances regulations.

To enhance this, the IEC published the 2nd edition of IEC/TS 62239-1, Process management for avionics – Management plan – Part 1: Preparation and maintenance of an electronic components management plan, which now includes the management of lead-free termination finish and soldering of avionic components.

IEC/TS 62239-1 documents processes that assure customers and regulatory agencies that ADHP(aerospace, defense, and high performance) electronic systems containing solder (either traditional tin/lead or lead-free solder), lead-free or tin/lead finished piece parts, and printed wiring boards will meet the performance, reliability, airworthiness, and safety requirements throughout the component’s lifecycle.

ADHP is one of the few industrial sectors where lead-free materials and processes are relatively new. An aerospace-wide approach has been developed. The industry can now create a plan that allows manufacturers to ensure the reliability of the components it uses and make sure that these components are secure for the long-term.

Hazardous substance-free components

IECQ published the 3rd edition of IECQ QC 080000, Hazardous Substance Process Management System Requirements. The specification and its requirements are based on the strong belief that the provision of hazardous substance-free products and production processes can only be achieved by integrating management disciplines fully.

The 3rd edition clarifies how organizations can use IECQ QC 080000 to manage their hazardous substances other than through the outright removal of restricted substances and avoiding their use in products.

IECQ HSPM (Hazardous Substance Process Management) is a technically based management systems approach to implementing and maintaining hazardous substance free products and production processes. IECQ HSPM was developed in response to component manufacturers’ need to give suppliers the means of demonstrating, through third-party assessment, that their electrical and electronic components and assemblies meet specific hazardous substance free local, national and international requirements.

Countering counterfeiting in aerospace, defense and other industries

Counterfeiting has proven to be a viable and lucrative industry in many areas of the world, specifically the counterfeiting of microcircuits used in electronic devices. IECQ has launched a programme designed to address the international counterfeit crisis faced by the ADHP sectors.

The new IECQ CAP (Counterfeit Avoidance Programme) is designed for and by manufacturers and distributors to tackle the management processes required to avoid and mitigate contamination in the supply chain by counterfeit or fraudulent electronic components. The objective is to stem the increase in the proliferation of counterfeit electronic parts, which pose significant performance, reliability and safety risks worldwide.

IECQ CAP certification is internationally recognized because it provides independent monitoring and verification of components and systems, including the auditing of systems.

Increased electronic component dependability in cars

The automotive industry now has a standardized way of testing components to ensure their reliability. IECQ AQP (Automotive Qualification Programme) helps automotive manufacturers avoid multiple tests and related costs. It can also be used by independent, third-party certification bodies to make sure that components meet automotive industry standards. Now all parts can be certified where they are manufactured.

IECQ also has approved laboratories in direct support of IECQ product testing. This approach helps automotive manufacturers to reduce time and cost of seeking qualified laboratories, training, management, monitoring and verification.

Counterfeit parts in the aerospace sector are a hazard. Counterfeit parts in the aerospace sector are a hazard.
The smallest components make the biggest difference. The smallest components make the biggest difference.
With IECQ Certification, companies can reduce cost and spend less time testing their components. With IECQ Certification, companies can reduce cost and spend less time testing their components.