2011 Awards

Commitment to the IEC

By Yvonne Flavin

Every year the IEC honours the commitment and work of a select number of individuals who, through their leadership and technical expertise, have contributed to making products and electrical systems safer, more energy efficient and more compatible. This in a world that increasingly is looking to reduce consumption and emissions and improve interoperability.

The Lord Kelvin Award is the IEC's highest tribute. The Lord Kelvin Award is the IEC's highest tribute.

Lord Kelvin Award – IEC's highest distinction

Created and first awarded in 1995, the IEC Lord Kelvin Award is named after the IEC's distinguished first President, William Thomson, Lord Kelvin. It is the IEC's highest tribute and is awarded primarily in recognition of the long-term technical contributions outstanding individuals have made to the Commission.

Nominations for the Lord Kelvin Award can be made by IEC NCs (National Committees), TC (Technical Committee) and SC (Subcommittee) Chairmen, and members of CB (Council Board), SMB (Standardization Management Board) and CAB (Conformity Assessment Board). They submit their proposals based on their recognition of contributions made over time, irrespective of the nationality or technical area of the nominee.

Thirty-one laureates have to date been honoured with the IEC's highest accolade. To qualify, candidates must still be active in the IEC and have contributed significantly to the IEC's work over many years, particularly through their leadership and technical contributions to international electrotechnical standardization, CA (Conformity Assessment) and related activities. The Award recognizes the major role that a person has played to the extent that their contribution has considerably benefited industry or commerce, or promoted the IEC’s image in the business world.

Richard Schomberg to receive the 2011 Lord Kelvin Award

One candidate, the Frenchman Richard Schomberg, was subsequently supported by the CB. There will be a special ceremony organized for him during the Dinner for Presidents, Chairmen and Secretaries at the IEC General Meeting in Melbourne. He is to receive his gold medal, golden pin and certificate from the IEC President, Klaus Wucherer, in the presence of a great number of his peers and colleagues.

An expert in the field of electrical power distribution, Richard Schomberg is VP Innovation Sourcing & Transfer EU at EDF (Electricité de France) where he designs and negotiates strategic innovation partnerships primarily with the Electric Power Research Institute (Palo Alto), National Laboratories, Universities and scientific/technical innovators.

Schomberg was a pioneer in setting up and chairing the SMB’s SG (Strategic Group) 3 on Smart Grid. He has been a key spokesman at many international events where he never ceases to explain the IEC's role in seeking consensus-based solutions to the energy challenge. He chairs IEC TC 8: Systems aspects of electrical energy supply; is Convener of the Chairman’s Advisory Group and the ad hoc group on Smart Grid Requirements within TC 8; and is a past Chairman of TC 45: Nuclear Instrumentation.

In SG 3, he has succeeded in blending together technology maps, scenarios and use-cases, and in coordinating multiple TCs and NCs as well as other groups and technology organizations working in the smart grid area. He has reached out to many consortia, trade groups and smart grid initiatives around the world using his knowledge and experience to further work in this vital area.

2011 Thomas A. Edison Award Laureates

The Thomas A. Edison Award was awarded for the first time in 2010. It recognizes exceptional achievement in committee management by either current TC and SC Officers or their CA counterparts. The Award can be given to a maximum of nine people in one year.

In 2011, the following distinguished people will receive their award during the IEC General Meeting in Melbourne: Anne Bosma, Secretary of TC 17 and SC 17A; Wim De Kesel, Secretary TC 23; Ken-ichi Sato, Secretary TC 90; Lev Travin, Secretary SC 22F. Wolfgang Kreinberg, Senior Consultant International Affairs, TÜV SÜD Product Service, who is unable to be present in Melbourne, will receive his award at a later date.

1906 Award

The 1906 award was established in commemoration of the foundation of the IEC and honours technical experts around the world whose work is fundamental to the IEC. Each year a maximum of five awards may be granted per TC, including its various subcommittees.

A total of 124 experts from 46 TCs (including ISO/IEC JTC (Joint Technical Committee) 1 and IECEE) and 21 NCs were nominated to receive this year’s 1906 Award. It recognizes exceptional recent achievements related to the activities of the IEC that contribute in a significant way to advancing the work of the Commission.

The Lord Kelvin Award is the IEC's highest tribute. The Lord Kelvin Award is the IEC's highest tribute.
Richard Schomberg is to receive the Lord Kelvin Award. Richard Schomberg is to receive the Lord Kelvin Award.
In 2011, the Lord Kelvin Award has been granted to just one individual. In 2011, the Lord Kelvin Award has been granted to just one individual.