Obituary - Giovanni Nozza

IEC Lord Kelvin Award laureate Giovanni Nozza

By Claire Marchand

At the end of November 2012, the Italian IEC NC (National Committee) announced the death of a valued and distinguished member of the standardization community and former Lord Kelvin Award laureate, Giovanni Nozza, at the age of 87.

Giovanni Nozza Giovanni Nozza

Total commitment to IEC standardization

Giovanni Nozza’s involvement in IEC standardization work spanned more than 50 years. Several IEC TC/SCs (Technical Committees/Subcommittees) benefited from his great expertise and experience. Over the years, Nozza participated in the work of IEC TC 17: Switchgear and controlgear, and IEC TC 23: Electrical accessories, and their SCs.

Until very recently he was also active in IEC TC 64: Electrical installations and protection against electric shock, and was Convenor of two TC 64 maintenance teams, MT 12: Verification of electrical installations, and MT 22: Isolation, switching and control (now disbanded), as well as Convenor of the corresponding CENELEC mirror working groups.

He was also a member of IEC TC 64 MT 3: External influences, and MT 9: Disconnecting times and related matters.

Professionally, Giovanni Nozza had been in charge of the Standardization division of BTicino for many years. BTicino, an Italian company that operates in the field of electrical low voltage equipment used for residential, employment and production, proposes solutions for energy distribution, communication and light, sound, climate and security control.

Upon retirement, Nozza became a consultant to the Italian National Committee of the IEC for its TC 64 mirror technical committee.

Lord Kelvin Award, 1906 Award

In 1996, Giovanni Nozza was awarded the IEC Lord Kelvin Award for his exceptional long-term achievements in his work with the IEC.

Created and first awarded in 1995, the IEC Lord Kelvin Award is named after the IEC's distinguished first President, William Thomson, The Rt. Hon. Lord Kelvin. It is the IEC's highest tribute and is awarded primarily in recognition of the long-term technical contributions that outstanding individuals have made to the Commission.

Ten years later, Nozza was one of the recipients of the IEC 1906 Award. The award, established in commemoration of the Commission’s foundation in 1906, honours technical experts around the world whose work is fundamental to the IEC. Each year a maximum of five awards may be granted per TC, including its various subcommittees.

Giovanni Nozza will be remembered by all his colleagues in the standardization community with great affection and appreciation both for his humanity, dedication and immense expertise.

Giovanni Nozza Giovanni Nozza
Identifying tomorrow’s experts and leaders is one of IEC’s primary strategic priorities Giovanni Nozza (left), with Paul Galbraith, at the TC 64 MT 9 meeting in Zurich, Switzerland, November 2010, the last meeting he attended
Giovanni Nozza Giovanni Nozza at the celebration of the 100 year anniversary of CEI (Italian National Committee of IEC)