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IEC launches Affiliate Conformity Assessment Status

By Aliyah Esmail

Conformity assessment is an expectation in many countries throughout the world. In most of the countries participating in the IEC Affiliate Country Programme, however, the concept has not necessarily been fully integrated. Recognizing the need to raise awareness and provide a better understanding of the specific requirements linked to conformity assessment activities, the IEC Affiliate Country Programme Secretariat is launching the new ACAS (Affiliate Conformity Assessment Status) in August 2013.

Components must go through IECEE conformity steps to guarantee security. Components must go through IECEE conformity steps to guarantee security.

ACAS is an opportunity to learn

This status will offer Affiliate Countries new benefits in all of the IEC CA (Conformity Assessment) Systems that exist today and any that are developed in the future.

The three IEC CA Systems – IECEE (System for Conformity Testing and Certification of Electrotechnical Equipment and Components), IECEx (System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for use in Explosive Atmospheres) and IECQ (Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components) – certify that components, equipment and systems conform to IEC International Standards.

The objective of ACAS is to train Affiliate Countries to use IEC International Standards and benefit from its CA Systems through the recognition of IEC CA certificates, whenever possible at the national level.

Benefits of the new status

Regional events

Having ACAS will mean that the participating country can take part in regional awareness events. These events will be done on request from international or regional organizations, or a group of Affiliate Countries. The CA Systems, in collaboration with the Affiliate Secretariat, will organize these events. The events can cover IEC symposiums and awareness, and speakers for joint capacity building events with other international or regional organizations.

The CA Systems will provide experts and/or specialist speakers and can carry out local visits or audits for participating factories, laboratories or government CA facilities - whenever possible in the host country.


IEC CA expert(s) will hold seminars organized by the Affiliate Secretariat. The presentations will be on subjects relevant to the audiences attending.

Participation in CA Systems

Affiliate Countries that take part in ACAS will have observer status in each system at management, committee and working group meetings with commenting rights when appropriate. They will also have ample networking opportunities and knowledge will be gained through effort and participation.

Learning modules

E-learning modules are being developed and will be available through the IEC website or on CD-ROM. Once the first level module has been completed, the participant will pass a test to obtain a recognition certificate to move up to the next level. Knowledge will be gained through effort and participation, and higher knowledge will give access to greater benefits.


The Affiliate Secretariat will collect materials to provide a database (Affiliate Resources Database) for the benefit of Affiliate countries which will include publications, developing country case studies/testimonies (once available), possibly international organizations capacity building projects, and others on request from the Affiliate countries.

Who can benefit from ACAS?

Any Affiliate Country that has officially declared the adoption of IEC International Standards as national standards; made the commitment to use the ACAS Learning Modules; and signed the ACAS Pledge.

For more information or to receive the ACAS Pledge, please contact the Affiliate Secretariat in order to benefit from the new Affiliate Conformity Assessment Status.

Components must go through IECEE conformity steps to guarantee security. Components must go through IECEE conformity steps to guarantee security.
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