Obituary - Stephan Bürgin

Stephan Bürgin, President of the Swiss NC

By Claire Marchand

Stephan Bürgin, President of the IEC NC (National Committee) of Switzerland, was fatally injured in a glider accident in the South of France. Forest wardens discovered the crash site on Tuesday 2 July, seven days after Bürgin was reported missing.

Stephan Bürgin Stephan Bürgin

President of the Swiss NC

Bürgin was the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the ELMA Group, based in Wetzikon, near Zurich. He had been appointed President of the Swiss NC in 2011.

Trained as an electrical engineer in the field of telecommunications, Stephan Bürgin also studied business economics at the Engineering School in Zurich and "building and energy" at the Engineering School in Winterthur.

 In 1979, Bürgin joined Siemens Schweiz AG where he occupied various managerial positions before his appointment as Head of Development and Production in 2000, a position he held until 2003. Between 2003 and 2007, Bürgin served as CEO of several Swiss companies active in the electronics sector, such as Swisstronics Contract Manufacturing AG and Electronicparc Holding AG, later acquired by Cicor Technologies.

Stephan Bürgin, who had been CEO of the Elma Group since April 2007, was also the company's Regional Manager for Asia and a member of its Executive Board.