Aiming higher…and higher

Success stories from the IEC Young Professionals programme

By Janice Blondeau

Following on from their participation in the IEC Young Professionals programme, many up-and-coming IEC experts are being recognized in their National Committees. Here are a few of their stories…

YPs Tokyo More than 275 participants have been part of the IEC Young Professionals programme to date

Nanda Kishore Pamidi, IEC YP 2012 from India

Nanda Kishore Pamidi began his career as an Edison engineer at GE (General Electrics) working in multiple departments on a rotational basis in Design and Test labs. After several years he joined UL (Underwriters Laboratories) India (a certification agency) to build a green field lab according to IECEE (IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components) requirements. This lab would later become a CBTL (Certification Body Testing Laboratory) in PROT (Installation protective equipment) and POW (Low voltage, high power switching equipment) areas.

In 2010, Pamidi joined Schneider Electric in the verification and validation field, ensuring the products released by the company adhere to the relevant standards. Last year Pamidi became the Manager of Labs in Schneider India R&D, responsible for ensuring that products are tested according to the standards (most of them IEC) and ensuring the quality of the products developed in R&D. On a day-to-day basis, the labs test products ranging from circuit breakers, LV (low-voltage) panels, busways, switches and sockets, wiring accessories, network connectivity products, and communication devices – all according to IEC and other International Standards.

Young Professionals workshop, Oslo

“I received an opportunity from our National Committee to study the harmonization of the national and IEC International Standard for residual breakers. I used my experience to the fullest extent and ultimately proposed moving forward for harmonization. After that, our NC nominated me for the 2012 IEC Young Professionals programme in Oslo, Norway. That experience gave me a great exposure to the structure of the IEC and its working culture.

Following his contribution to multiple areas of LV breaker and surge protection device standards, he became member of India National Committee BIS ET07. Pamidi was then nominated for membership of WGs (Working groups) 1 and 2 of IEC SC (Subcommittee) 23E: Circuit-breakers and similar equipment for household use. Pamidi is now also a member of a task force that is working to introduce aluminium conductors for LV switchgear testing in SC 17.

In his words...

“Since I use IEC standards for testing in my labs on daily basis, I took my membership as an opportunity to discuss the intent and to understand the sometimes grey areas of standards. My first meeting in WGs 1 and 2 was in Moscow in May 2013,” said Nanda Kishore Pamidi.

“My IEC YP workshops (especially the mock WG discussion and participation in one real WG meeting) helped me to understand the operational dynamics of IEC work, which I used to the maximum possible extent.

“In my daily work I see the IEC as a career opportunity for my team, and I push them to contribute to various sections in the IEC, including standards and CTL (Committee of Testing Laboratories) decisions and make it part of their career,” he said.

Jon-Steinar Hanstad, IEC 2013 YP from Norway

Jon-Steinar Hanstad, who is both a qualified electrician and an electrical engineer, began using standards as an electrician and has continued to do so since then. In his work at NELFO, the trade organization for electrical contractors in Norway, Hanstad uses standards every day.

Vital role of standardization

He is responsible for the technical side of a computer programme, FEBDOK, developed over the last 20 years, as a tool for members to calculate voltage drop, short circuit currents, UPS systems and generators. The FEBDOK software is based on a lot of different IEC Standards, such as the IEC 60909 and IEC 60364 series. The fact that IEC 60364 applies to so many countries gives the organization the opportunity to sell this software across the Norwegian border.

“I am also involved in electrical safety projects, EV (electric vehicle) charging, and standardization. In our organization, we aim to help our members the best we can, meaning that we always have to be up to date on the standards for our industry,” said Hanstad.

Benefits from IEC YP programme

Hanstad’s involvement in standardization work increased after he participated in the IEC Young Professionals workshop at the 77th IEC General Meeting in New Delhi. He is now a member of the national mirror committee of TC (Technical Committee) 64: Electrical installations and protection against electric shock, which works with electrical low voltage installations.

“The YP workshop opened my eyes to the impact that the IEC Standards have. We surround ourselves with standardized items every day, and they contribute to the world being a safer and more eco-friendly place to live.”

Winners are grinners

Ethan Biery, IEC 2013 Young Professional Leader, along with IEC 2013 Young Professionals Diana Bull, a senior member of the technical staff at Sandia National Laboratories, and Chelsey Schweikert, a design engineer for Solar Turbines, have recently been recognized with the ANSI Next Generation Award. This Award honours those who have been engaged in standardization or conformity assessment activities for less than eight years and have demonstrated vision, leadership, dedication and significant contributions to their chosen field of activity.

National recognition for Stephanie McLarty

REfficient CEO Stephanie McLarty, who was an IEC 2010 Young Professional Leader, has recently been appointed as a Member of CANC/IEC (the Canadian National Committee of the International Electrotechnical Commission).  McLarty and other Members appointed to CANC/IEC will shape and influence standards development and conformity assessment activities in Canada’s economic and trade policies, deployment of new technologies, and the health and safety of Canadians.

“It is an honour to be appointed to such a prestigious body, and to play an important role in the health and safety of Canadians and the environment,” said McLarty.

Earlier this year, McLarty also received the inaugural SCC (Standards Council of Canada) Young Leader Award, which recognizes a leader of tomorrow who has been an engaged and active participant of the standardization network and who is under the age of 40. Appointed as the Canadian expert to the international working group that developed the guidance document on recyclability rate calculation and information exchange between manufacturers and recyclers, McLarty has made significant contributions to international standards development on behalf of Canada.

IEC e-tech congratulates these IEC Young Professionals programme participants on their achievements and is keen to hear the success stories of more YPs. More information about the IEC Young Professionals 2014 workshop is available from National Committees and on the IEC website.

Young Professionals Jon-Steiner Hanstad, Dimitrios Ladas and Diana Bull, YP 2013 workshop, New Delhi
Young Professionals Stephanie McLarty, IEC 2010 YP Leader, Canadian NC member and SCC Young Leader Award winner
YPs Tokyo More than 275 participants have been part of the IEC Young Professionals programme to date