Obituary - Michel Coupy

Michel Coupy passed away on 22 January 2015

By Claire Marchand

The IEC learnt with great sadness of the passing of former Technical Officer Michel Coupy, 69, on 22 January 2015.

Michel Coupy Former IEC Technical Officer Michel Coupy

Michel Coupy joined the IEC in November 1991 as Technical Officer. During the years of his tenure, he provided guidance and oversight to multiple TCs (Technical Committees) and SCs (Subcommittees), including:

  • TC 1: Terminology
  • TC 3: Information structures and elements, identification and marking principles, documentation and graphical symbols
  • TC 8: Systems aspects for electrical energy supply
  • TC 18: Electrical installations of ships and of mobile and fixed offshore units
  • TC 21: Secondary cells and batteries
  • TC 23: Electrical accessories
  • TC 25: Quantities and units
  • TC 34: Lamps and related equipment
  • TC 96: Transformers, reactors, power supply units, and combinations thereof
  • TC 97: Electrical installations for lighting and beaconing of aerodromes
  • TC 108: Safety of electronic equipment within the field of audio/video, information technology and communication technology
  • TC 111: Environmental standardization for electrical and electronic products and systems

Following an apprenticeship in electricity, Coupy studied and received a degree in electronics engineering at the Ecole d’Ingéneurs in Geneva, Switzerland. He went on to study economy at Geneva University, specializing in quantitative methods.

For most of his professional career, Coupy worked for Geneva-based companies and organizations, including CERN, occupying positions that allowed him to combine his expertise in electronics engineering, economy and marketing. In the 1970s, he spent three years in Argentina.

Coupy held his position as Technical Officer for 18 years until his retirement in February 2010.

Michel Coupy Former IEC Technical Officer Michel Coupy