Calling Young Professionals to Minsk

IEC Young Professionals – 2015 workshop registration closes 30 June

By Janice Blondeau

National Committees (NCs) have until the end of June to register participants, selected at national level, for the IEC Young Professionals – 2015 workshop. The workshop will be held in Minsk in October during the IEC General Meeting.

Young Professionals Workshop Participants at the IEC Young Professionals workshop meet IEC leaders

Growing the IEC Family

Expanding its expert community to involve more and more qualified people is an ongoing IEC priority. The IEC Young Professionals Programme (YPP) provides a springboard for further involvement in electrotechnical standards and conformity assessment work.

The Programme brings benefits to participants, to their employers and to the IEC – a win-win-win situation. The response from participants and their companies from previous workshops has been positive and enthusiastic.

I’m really grateful to be able to participate in the year’s IEC Young Professionals workshop. What I found extremely valuable were the many opportunities to network with IEC experts as well as other Young Professionals. I found many like-minded friends also working in the same industry as me.”
 Zijuan Lian, Singapore

Getting involved

Geared towards younger professionals who already use electrotechnical standards and conformity assessment in their work, the IEC Young Professionals Programme provides direct networking opportunities and capacity building to enable them to become tomorrow's leaders in the world of international standardization.

Participants have the opportunity to meet key management, from IEC Officers to members of the Standardization Management Board (SMB) or of the Conformity Assessment Board (CAB). They can also participate in a Technical Committee (TC) meeting of their choice.

"The whole workshop has been extremely valuable but the insights into the inner workings of the IEC really are invaluable. I don't think that there is any other scheme that would get you the insights that the Young Professionals workshop has given me."
 Neil Moran, UK

Minsk workshop

For the Minsk workshop, each IEC Member country can register two representatives, chosen via a National Committee selection process. Participants’ prior experience of standardization is essential, though the depth of experience varies.

Workshops participants gain a deeper understanding of standardization and expand their technical expert networks. Moreover they have the satisfaction of seeing where they can make a difference to the bigger picture of IEC International electrotechnical Standards and Conformity Assessment work. To help the networking between the NCs and their respective YPs the country tables’ breakfast will be held in Minsk as part of the workshop.

Every year, the IEC Young Professional Leaders have contributed to the development of the workshop agenda and participated in the next year’s workshop. Some YP Leaders will run a session at the Minsk workshop.

Building a base

Contacts made through the programme serve the individual participants in their professional development and also benefit the companies they work for.

"The thing I found most valuable in this workshop is the networking. It's not just the networking with the IEC experts and officials but also the networking amongst Young Professionals, because you can exchange ideas and you can understand other cultures. Also to get involved with an institution as important as the IEC is very valuable for my employer."
 David Manrique Negrin, Mexico

Workshop registration

Information about the IEC Young Professionals – 2015 workshop is available on the IEC website. Registration will remain open until the end of June.

Young Professionals Workshop Participants at the IEC Young Professionals workshop meet IEC leaders
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