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IEC Young Professionals Programme alumni receive 1906 Award

By Janice Blondeau

The IEC has recognized the efforts of three Young Professionals Programme alumni with 1906 Awards in 2015. Congratulations on this achievement.

Advancing electrotechnology standardization

Adam Murdoch, René Jensen and Jonathan Colby are among the recipients of the 1906 Award for 2015. To receive this award, experts must have made a major contribution to furthering the interest of electrotechnology standardization and related activities.

Jonathan Colby

Jonathan Colby, IEC 2011 YP Leader from the U.S., is Chair of the Marine Energy Operational Management Committee (ME-OMC) and Convener of the REMC WG001, both under IECRE, the IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Renewable Energy Applications. He received the 1906 Award in recognition of his commitment to Renewable Energy by establishing marine energy standards and his dedicated work for IECRE, which is needed for this industry’s success. Colby’s meticulous and enthusiastic leadership in key positions was described as outstanding.

Colby is also Technical Advisor of the US Technical Advisory Group to IEC Technical Committee (TC) 114, with his initial IEC involvement starting in 2008 as a US subject matter expert on IEC TC 114: Marine energy - Wave, tidal and other water current converters. Colby is currently the Director of Technology Performance for Verdant Power, a tidal energy technology developer based in New York City.

René Jensen

René Jensen is an expert in TC 121: Switchgear and controlgear and their assemblies for low voltage. He is also active in Subcommittee (SC) 121B: Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies, Maintenance Team (MT) 2, Joint Working Group 1 and Working Group 9. Jensen received the 1906 Award in recognition of his ongoing representation of the views of a smaller company operating in a global market to this Technical Committee. He adds diversity to the debate and enriches the work outcome. Jensen has been a very active member of SC 17B MT 2 and the preceding committees for a number of years. More recently he contributed to SC 17B/D Joint Working Group 1 on the sensitive subject of device substitution. Technical Instructor R&D at CUBIC-Modulsystem A/S, Jensen was an IEC 2010 Young Professional. He is invited to the national Danish Standards Young Professional event each year to make a presentation about his work as an IEC expert in TC 121B. In this YouTube video Jensen is speaking about his work in standardization.

Adam Murdoch

Adam Murdoch is a Member of IEC TC 61: Safety of household and similar electrical appliances. Murdoch received the 1906 Award in recognition of his contributions in each TC 61 plenary meeting and his participation and valuable contributions to TC 61 MT 4: Temperature limits and resistance to heat and fire, TC 61 Editing Group (EG) 1 and TC 61 Advisory Group (AG) 28. Adam Murdoch became the Chair of SC 61H: Safety of electrically-operated farm appliances on 1 March 2013. He was an IEC 2010 Young Professional and is Manager of Equipment Safety at Energy Safe Victoria.

Hong Zhang recipient in 2012

In 2012, Hong Zhang, an expert in TC 100: Audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment was a recipient of the 1906 Award in recognition of his contribution to the standardization of various new projects including IEC 626345Radio data system (RDS) - Receiver products and characteristics - Methods of measurement, IEC 62514, Multimedia gateway in home networks - Guidelines, and IEC TR 62678, Audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment activities and considerations related to accessibility and usability, and for his active involvement in the project PT 62608 resulting in the publication of IEC 62608Multimedia home network configuration - Basic reference model - Part 1: System model in 2014.  He inspires members of TC 100 at their meetings with his simple yet incisive comments, encouraging everyone to upgrade their activities. Hong Zhang was an IEC 2010 Young Professional.

About the 1906 Award

The 1906 Award was established to commemorate the founding of the IEC. It honours technical experts around the world whose work is fundamental to the IEC. The aim of the 1906 Award is to recognize current achievements that can be considered as a major contribution to furthering the interest of electrotechnology standardization and related activities. Specifically the Award must be granted for exceptional, recent contribution to work related to the development - either technical or from an organizational point of view – of a specific work project.

Jonathan Colby Jonathan Colby
Rene Jensen René Jensen
Adam Murdoch Adam Murdoch