Oil for the machine

IT activities facilitate the work of the community

By Gabriela Ehrlich

For many years the IEC IT Department has provided services for the IEC community, i.e. the thousands of people in the National Committees (NCs) and Technical Committees and Subcommittees (TC/SCs). As a reminder, the IEC was a pioneer in introducing 100% electronic environment for its standardization work in the early 2000s. Since then, the number of IT services available has grown tremendously.


457087763 The IT Department is working on a new standards development and business platform

Managing standards projects

In line with the Standardization Management Board (SMB) decision to empower its technical leadership, IT is now putting in place an online system to support the project management aspects of standards development. New tools and services that will enable the online submission of documents and a dashboard for TC officers are due for delivery at the end of 2016.

Modernizing standards development

A wide range of IT activities are geared to modernizing standardization work in the IEC. Our vision calls for a platform enabling online collaborative development of Standards, and providing new opportunities to deliver innovative standards-related products and services to the broadest possible range of IEC stakeholders and end users. A ‘working model’ of a new standards development and business platform was shared with National Committees at the General Meeting in Minsk in October 2015 and an update was provided to the whole community through the SMB newsletter in June 2016. To lay the foundations for the new platform, an initial activity addresses the transformation of the current standards catalogue (7 000 publications) from Word format to XML. This process is expected to take around 2 years to complete. The plan is to also provide new collaboration tools to experts. NCs and TCs have been invited to participate in a reference group supporting this project.

Inviting comments from the public

To ensure transparency of standardization projects as well as broad participation of interested stakeholders, members of the public can now create a profile on the IEC website allowing them to preview and comment on current draft IEC Standards. The comments will be forwarded to the commenter's local National Committee. This gives IEC National Committees and Affiliate National Electrotechnical Committees new opportunities for increased outreach to stakeholders in their territories and encourages increased national input to IEC drafts.

The other side of the coin  

IEC IT equally supports the IEC Conformity Assessment Systems in their work. Recently a new website was launched for IECEE. It aligns in look and feel with the other CA sites, offering vastly improved navigation. The site is driven by a completely rebuilt global Oracle database, offering access to a fully integrated backend for updates from authorized IECEE Members.

For IECEx, IEC IT developed and deployed a number of mobile applications for accessing online and offline certificates for equipment, persons and service.  An improved user interface was implemented for the IECEx online certificate site. Going forward, IT will develop a new harmonized platform to enable support of online certificate systems for all IEC CA Systems.

Transparent communication on new IT projects

The IT department has recently launched an online platform through which IT plans and project status reports can be shared with relevant stakeholders. The platform has been particularly well received by NCs and TCs, and is being used to request feedback and to enable open discussion about new ideas and concepts for tools and services.

iStock_000026191450_Double Standards and conformity assessment are like two sides of a coin: only together do they deliver real value
457087763 The IT Department is working on a new standards development and business platform