The IEC next generation steps up to the mark

IEC Young Professionals – 2016 workshop

By Janice Blondeau

IEC National Committees have selected the IEC 2016 Young Professionals who will represent them at this year’s workshop, to be held in Frankfurt, Germany, from 10-12 October 2016, in parallel with the IEC 2016 General Meeting.

YPs 2015 group photo Since its inception in 2010, 335 Young Professionals have participated in the Programme

Go Ahead, Get ahead

The IEC Young Professionals (YP) Programme brings together the world's up-and-coming expert engineers, technicians and managers, aged in their early 20s to mid-30s. IEC Young Professionals are selected by their IEC National Committee (NC) to represent their country as future leaders on the IEC global platform. They are also potential ambassadors for National Committees and for the IEC as a whole. 

While these young experts and managers already have experience in using or developing standards, the Programme helps them to become more involved in IEC-related activities. 

Growing our expert base

For the 2016 workshop, more than 40 NCs have registered over 80 participants. For many of those taking part, this workshop will be their first exposure to an IEC General Meeting and to standardization and conformity assessment at such a high level. 

The IEC Young Professionals Programme was launched in 2010 to enable millennials to be more involved in IEC activities at the start of their careers. In the first six years of the IEC Young Professionals Programme, 335 YPs from more than 40 different National Committees have taken part. 

Frankfurt workshop

The 2016 workshop starts with a welcome gathering on the first evening where participants will get to meet each other and the IEC Officers. Then follows a programme that gives both an overview and insights into the workings of the IEC. Day one provides an introduction to how the IEC works and the opportunity to hear from and meet IEC leaders. Participants will be introduced to the Standardization Management Board (SMB) and the Conformity Assessment Board (CAB), and they’ll have the opportunity to observe the SMB or CAB meeting. YPs will have the opportunity to work together in breakout groups to answer questions submitted from the SMB and CAB. 

On the 2nd day of the workshop the IEC Young Professionals will attend a breakfast with their NC Officers to reinforce this relationship which plays an important part in getting more involved in IEC activities, helping identify the opportunities that are available for the YPs at national and international level. The YPs will also observe a technical meeting of their choice, participate in a technical meeting simulation session and present their outcomes from the breakout sessions of the day before. In the evening the YPs will have the opportunity to network with the wider IEC Community, especially with TC/SC Chairs. 

On the 3rd day the YPs will chose to attend one of four interactive sessions and then will be a part of the Reinvention Lab where they will be asked to give their input into future challenges the IEC faces in regards to the next IEC Masterplan. In the afternoon the Host Committee has organized an industry visit to the VDE Testing Institute for the YPs. 

In addition, the 2015 Young Professional Leaders (YPLs) will be present at the workshop and will have an active role in it. This year’s workshop takes into account feedback received from participants of previous years’ activities. 

Part of the IEC Family

Positive feedback has come from YPs who participated in the previous YPP workshops. They have gained a deeper understanding of standardization, a broadened network and the satisfaction of feeling part of a bigger world in which they have a personal role to play. 

Companies have also benefited from the workshop, providing their staff with fast-track access to the world of standardization and boosting their personal motivation. 

Let’s help the IEC Young Professionals to continue to develop in their IEC work and make these Young Professionals welcome within the IEC Family.

YPs 2015 group photo Since its inception in 2010, 335 Young Professionals have participated in the Programme
YP workshop session For many, the workshop is their first exposure to standardization and conformity assessment at such a high level
YP breakout session Breakout sessions give YPs the opportunity to to work together and answer questions submitted by the SMB and CAB