International standardization

Cooperation in our DNA

By Philippa Martin-King

IEC President Dr Klaus Wucherer addresses the ISO General Assembly in New Delhi.

Consensus-based international standardization requires cooperation

Addressing the ISO General Assembly in New Delhi on 21 September, IEC President Dr Klaus Wucherer underlined how cooperation was in the DNA of the two organizations. "As an engineer and industrialist," he said, "I have seen how it can benefit the market. Consensus-based international standardization requires a lot of cooperation. The IEC and ISO have now been working together successfully for over 60 years."

Importance of Joint Project Committee work

Describing some of the work that is being carried out jointly between the two organizations, he underlined the importance of the Joint Project Committee work on specialized and new terminology in the energy field." Representatives of our Strategic Group on energy efficiency and your Strategic Advisory Group on energy are observers in each other's group," he said.

Extending cooperation

President Wucherer added a proposal to extend cooperation in the fields of database standards and academia. As regards the latter, "we need to focus our intentions, goals and resources more clearly," he suggested, "including through our members.  Cooperating to encourage and support their initiatives can surely provide synergies with our efforts at international level."

IEC President Klaus Wucherer IEC President Klaus Wucherer