IEC-IEEE Challenge

Spread the word

By Gabriela Ehrlich

The IEC and IEEE are organizing a global Challenge open to Academia from the social and technical sciences.

Please pass this information on to any Academic you know and ask them to spread the word within their own network.

The Challenge requests high-level publications (4 000 words) that analyse how electrotechnology has impacted our lives, how we work, innovate, communicate, interact, trade, travel, etc., and the role internationally agreed upon technical specifications have played in this context.

All relevant information can be found on the Challenge’s website:
 Registration closes on 1 March 2012
 Submissions are possible until 1 July 2012
 Top prize is a grant of USD 25 000, second prize USD 15 000 and third prize USD 10 000.
 The prizes will be awarded in October 2012.
 Thank you