Linking IEC experts globally

Experts connect via professional and social networks

By Morand Fachot

The IEC has gradually extended its communication platforms to include social networks as well as traditional communication "tools" such as media relations, targeted emails and a web presence. One such platform, LinkedIn, is meeting with growing interest on the part of professionals in the electrotechnical domain.

IEC LinkedIn Group statistics (12 Dec 11) IEC LinkedIn Group statistics (12 Dec 11)

From top-down to participatory exchange

Communication with many organizations and institutions has evolved from a fairly set one-way top-down pattern to a more two-way horizontal structure, made possible by the Internet, email and other tools, the most recent of which is social media.

The IEC has embraced the last of these with a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well as on photo and video hosting and sharing sites FlickR and YouTube. It is also one of over a million organizations with its own LinkedIn professional group page.

Different services to meet different needs

Facebook is the best known and second most popular global site with some 800 million users. It enables them to stay in touch with friends, relatives and others who share common interests through the medium of groups and special pages. Facebook has a high entertainment value.

 By contrast, LinkedIn is a business-related social network that addresses a community made up essentially of professionals. This is mirrored in a more modest yet very respectable size (over 135 million members in more than 200 countries in November 2011) and its global traffic ranking (13th).

 The IEC presence on these platforms is aimed at reaching out to the widest possible audience, many of whom have different interests. Members of the IEC LinkedIn group and its subgroups participate in discussions and debates, or consult other members for expert advice.

IEC LinkedIn Group – a fast-growing and vibrant community

Created in February 2010, the IEC’s LinkedIn Electrotechnical Standards Group has experienced spectacular growth over the past 20 months. Close to 2 500 members were on record in early December 2011.

The group's demographics show that 25 % of its members come from the electric and electronics manufacturing sector, 30 % have an engineering function and some 60 % occupy a senior or managerial position.

The IEC LinkedIn group also has four subgroups that bring together experts working or interested in EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility), Functional Safety, Conformity Assessment or Smart Grids. If you are already a member and believe a specific domain or area should be covered so that relevant information and discussions can be shared, contact the Group’s owner or manager and they can create a Subgroup.

Time to join the IEC LinkedIn Group!

The IEC is a global community in which nearly 10 000 experts work. The dynamism of this community was highlighted in November, when more than 1 400 of them attended this year's IEC General Meeting in Melbourne, Australia.

Increased participation in the IEC LinkedIn group will help experts and manufacturers share their knowledge and advance the global discussion on electrotechnology and associated International Standards.

If you are not yet a member, now is the time for you to sign up! To do so, visit the IEC LinkedIn Electrotechnical Standards Group page.

IEC LinkedIn Group statistics (12 Dec 11) IEC LinkedIn Group statistics (12 Dec 11)
IEC communication platforms allow experts to connect and share their knowledge IEC communication platforms allow experts to connect and share their knowledge
Connecting via social networks Connecting via social networks