Flying, driving and navigating safely

Transportation relies heavily on IEC International Standards for safety and reliability

By Claire Marchand

Safety has always been a major issue in transportation, at the heart of every invention, innovation and technological development over the centuries. Considering the millions of people throughout the world who every day drive their car, take the train or the bus to go work, fly to a business meeting or to well-deserved holidays, saying that modern transportation is safer than ever is not an exaggeration.

Modern car dashboard Modern car dashboard

On the road and in the air

Nowadays, cars depend extensively on electrical and electronic equipment, onboard computer systems that provide invaluable assistance to drivers, give them a greater insight into their vehicle’s performance, status and safety. The same is true in aviation where avionics plays an increasingly important role in flight control, monitoring and management.

This in turn makes IEC standardization and conformity assessment work vitally important to the automobile and aviation industries.

At sea

The era of sea travel is well over, with the exception of leisure cruises. Maritime transport today is at the core of international trade as tankers, bulk carriers, general cargo or container ships transport between 80% and 90% of all raw and finished products between countries. Safety of maritime crews at sea has been a concern ever since ships started transporting goods and people thousands of years ago. Ships have become very advanced machines that rely ever more on electrical equipment. Several IEC TCs (Technical Committees) work with the shipping industry, the International Maritime Organization and international bureaus or registers of shippings to prepare International Standards for reliable and safe electrical systems on ships and offshore units.

Modern car dashboard Modern car dashboard
Maritime transport today is essential to international trade Maritime transport today is essential to international trade
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