IEC Young Professionals move ahead

Tania Cerda at ConnectivityWeek 2012

By Claire Marchand

Tania Cerda, of Schneider Electric Mexico, took part in the first IEC YP (Young Professionals) Workshop in October 2010, during the General Meeting in Seattle, USA. In May 2012, she was invited, as an IEC Young Professional, to participate in ConnectivityWeek 2012, held in Santa Clara, California, USA, an event that brought together experts from all around the world. She talked to e-tech about ConnectivityWeek and her involvement in the Young Professionals programme

0833-IEC2010-CM2D0555 Tania Cerda

The Mexican grid

At ConnectivityWeek, Tania Cerda took part in a session on DR (Demand Response) standards, moderated by Richard Schomberg, EDF (Electricité de France) Group Vice President Smart Energy Standards and Convenor, IEC SMB (Standardization Management Board) SG (Strategic Group) 3 on Smart Grid.

Cerda spoke about the Mexican Smart Grid situation from a standardization perspective. This gave her the opportunity to explain the specificities of the electrical grid in Mexico: one government-owned utility and one grid connecting the whole country. Political, social, economic and technical issues have to be taken into consideration whenever a decision on energy has to be made. Standards are essential to set the bases for meeting the targets requested by system users.

From YP 2010 to ConnectivityWeek

Cerda is a Business Developer at Schneider Electric Mexico, in charge, among others, of EE (Energy Efficiency) and renewable solutions, EV (Electric Vehicle) charging solutions, smart meters and the molded-case circuit breakers for the Mexican market. Because of her professional profile, her participation in the first YP workshop and her subsequent involvement in the Programme, Cerda was invited to ConnectivityWeek to bring in the younger generation’s perspective on standardization and the evolution of the grid.

An invaluable experience

Cerda was one of the YPs selected by the Mexican NC (National Committee) of the IEC to participate in the first workshop in Seattle. Since then, she has kept involved in the programme, contributing comments, suggestions and ideas through the IEC Young Professionals Forum.

Having worked at ANCE, the Mexican Standardization and Certification Association, Cerda was already familiar with standards development when she became a Young Professional. She explained that participating in the workshop was an opportunity to discover a new approach to standardization and to learn about the IEC, international standardization and CA (Conformity Assessment) activities: Attending IEC management and technical meetings as well as having the chance to speak and network with leading experts was an invaluable experience that helped make her job easier. She uses standards every day as a basis to make professional decisions and to keep abreast of market trends. She also actively promotes participation in standards development within the company to ensure that it is well represented. For Cerda, “participation in standardization work is a good business investment.”

As a professional in the energy sector, Cerda says: “Standards provide the reliability, sustainability and safety required to develop solutions that meet customers’ needs. This is even more important in fields that are in constant evolution, such as energy efficiency and Smart Grid.”

About ConnectivityWeek

Beginning in 2003 as a building-focused conference, BuilConn has expanded into ConnectivityWeek to meet the evolving needs of the various industries converging around the smart-energy movement, including: major consumption verticals, utilities, and ICT (information and communication technology). These industries have the potential to realize significant positive impacts to their bottom line – and the environment – as they integrate the principles of smart, connected energy into their business models. Each vertical also has a significant opportunity to learn from other industries’ best practices in energy management.

ConnectivityWeek calls the application of smart, connected energy E2.0 (Energy 2.0), and in 2012, is exploring how this can be applied to commercial buildings, homes, and critical infrastructure to manage the consumption and distributed generation of energy more effectively and efficiently.

0833-IEC2010-CM2D0555 Tania Cerda
As a Business Developer, Cerda is in charge, among others, of smart metering As a Business Developer, Cerda is in charge, among others, of smart metering