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World Environment Day

By Antoinette Price

Rapid population growth, economic development and human consumption continue to use up natural resources beyond what the planet can sustainably provide. The need to deliver power produced from renewable energy has never been greater.

IECEE is the exclusive provider of the IECEE Quality Seal and Mark for PV products Solar power

The development of renewable energies and energy storage systems are key to sustaining the planet, while maintaining decent livelihoods for people everywhere.

Marking World Environment Day

The celebration of World Environment Day on 5 June offers an opportunity to demonstrate how individuals, companies, industries, authorities and countries contribute towards making life more sustainable for everyone, everywhere.

Facilitating renewable energy production and use

Renewable resources will increasingly be used to produce the energy required by global populations and reduce reliance on depleting fossil fuels.

IEC International Standards support the broad roll-out of renewable energy technologies by providing the technical foundation and certification systems. Together these promote international trade of uniform quality products and supporting technology transfer. The IEC Renewable Energy Conformity Assessment System (IECRE) helps to make wind, solar, hydro and marine energy safe, efficient and easier to develop worldwide.

Energy and storage – inextricably linked

Storage is closely connected to energy production and distribution. It is one thing to generate and deliver electricity, but storage is key to the integration of renewable energy especially wind and solar that are only intermittently available. Storage allows to safe-guard energy for later use, powering modern lifestyles and letting people access energy when they need it, even when the sun is not shining or the wind blowing. A new generation of advanced, safe, low-cost, efficient batteries are paving the way for ubiquitous, large-scale energy storage. Standardization work by the IEC is central to the expansion of electrical energy storage technologies.

About World Environment Day

The United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) has marked  World Environment Day on 5 June since 1973. This year’s theme is “Seven billion dreams. One planet. Consume with care”. The purpose of this day is to encourage worldwide awareness and action for the environment.

Hydro power Hydro power
IEC TC 120 was created to accelerate the integration of large-scale renewable energies into the grid Wind turbine
IECEE is the exclusive provider of the IECEE Quality Seal and Mark for PV products Solar power