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Issue 02/2020

Living in a direct current world

New edition of key standard for industrial switches

Many IEC Standards are paving the way for a direct current (DC) world. The most recent edition of IEC 60947-1 is a foundational standard for industrial switches and controlgear, which...

Issue 01/2020

The age of hydrogen

New IEC Standard to accelerate the scaling up of hydrogen and fuel cell energy storage systems

As concerns over climate change escalate, the case for using clean sources of energy becomes obvious. Renewable energy (RE) generation is gaining ground year on year. Many of these RE...

Issue 06/2019

Can you trust used medical devices?

Refurbished medical imaging devices and the circular economy

A new standard has been published, IEC 63077, that specifies the process for ensuring the performance and safety of refurbished medical imaging equipment.

Issue 06/2019

New standard to boost nuclear power installations’ cyber resilience

The scope and cost of cyber-malicious activities are increasing worldwide.

According to Cybersecurity Ventures' Cyber Crime Annual Report 2019, the annual cost of cyber crime for the global economy will double between 2015 and 2021 to reach USD 6 trillion by...

Issue 06/2019

Long and winding wires

A new standard improves and clarifies the continuity tests for winding wires, making them more reliable and reproducible for on and offline measurement

Millions of kilometres of winding wires are produced every day – enough to go around the earth at least ten times! IEC Standards make sure they are used safely in millions of devices....

Issue 05/2019

Cyber security strategies for the energy sector: how to achieve resilience

A new IEC Technology Report identifies five critical concepts on cyber security and resilience for the smart energy sector

The IEC Systems Committee on Smart Energy has published a new Technology Report on best practices for protecting the electric grid against cyber attacks. Cyber security and resilience...

Issue 05/2019

New ground-breaking standard saves time and money

IEC standard benefits manufacturers, testing laboratories, regulators and the general public

IEC Technical Committee 106 has published the first edition of IEC 62209-3, a standard which considerably speeds up the measurement of radio frequency (RF) fields from wireless...

Issue 04/2019

Missing parts

How to manage obsolescence in the supply chain

IEC Technical Committee 56: Dependability, recently published a second edition of IEC 62402 which establishes requirements for obsolescence management applicable to any company or...

Issue 03/2019

Keeping food cool

IEC Standards for refrigerating appliances combine safety, efficiency and environmental protection

Bananas from Guatemala and beef from Argentina were once considered exotic delicacies to Europeans and North Americans. But how was it possible to transport such foodstuff from one port...

Issue 03/2019

Energy efficient standards for offshore units

Revamp of IEC 61892 series

IEC Technical Committee 18: Electrical Installations for ships and of mobile and fixed offshore units, has published a major revision of the IEC 61892 series of standards, key documents...

Issue 02/2019

Protecting critical infrastructure: the importance of making power grids secure-by-design

IEC 62351 standards for secure-by-design power systems communications

For the second year in a row the World Economic Forum has listed cyber attacks as one of the top five global risks, and highlights that an attack on a country’s electricity system...

Issue 02/2019

Super cool cables

New standard to prepare the ground for the use of superconducting cables

IEC 63075 is a brand new standard which specifies tests methods for superconducting alternating current (AC) cables. The forward-looking document is published by IEC Technical Committee...

Issue 01/2019

Form and substance

Increased flexibility and wider reach for key standard on substance reporting

A new edition of IEC 62474 makes chemical substance reporting easier for suppliers and manufacturers in the supply chain, helping them meet regulatory requirements.

Issue 06/2018

Clean bill of health

Setting the safety requirements for in vitro diagnostic devices

A new edition (IEC 61010-2-101) of a best-selling International Standard fills a gap and meets manufacturer requirements for the safety of medical equipment. There is no other...

Issue 05/2018

A common language for IoT

IEC and ISO publish a ground-breaking International Standard relating to the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is fast becoming the Internet of everything: the technology is impacting a huge number of sectors, from the transmission and distribution of electricity to...

Issue 04/2018

How to mitigate cyber threats

Latest publication in a critical series of cyber security International Standards

IEC Technical Committee (TC) 65: Industrial process measurement, control and automation, has recently published IEC 62443-4-1 on the life-cycle requirements for secure product...

Issue 04/2018

How underwater technology benefits from standardization

New International Standards improves design of underwater sensor networks

Technology for underwater applications, such as drones, uses underwater acoustic sensor networks (UWASNs) to survey and collect environmental data, and monitor pollution, for instance...

Issue 03/2018

Making prepayment meters future proof

State of the art encryption in a new edition of IEC 62055-41

IEC TC 13: Electrical energy management and control, has published a new Standard which significantly enhances the security of electricity metering prepayment systems, widely used in...

Issue 02/2018

Simplifying the use of sound calibrators

New revised edition of IEC 60942

IEC Technical Committee 29: Electroacoustics, has issued a new redline version of IEC 60942, the International Standard for sound calibrators.

Issue 02/2018

Trust in lab work

New edition of ISO/IEC 17025, the international reference for testing laboratories and calibration laboratories

Since the publication of its first edition in 1999, ISO/IEC 17025 has become the international reference for testing laboratories and for calibration laboratories around the world. The...

Issue 01/2018

Solar thermal first

Inaugural IEC publications for solar thermal electric plants

IEC TC 117: Solar thermal electric plants, publishes its first two Technical Specifications (TS) on solar radiation data sets.

Issue 01/2018

Is your IEC Standards library up-to-date?

New Webstore features help identify new editions, amendments or withdrawn publications

The IEC Webstore, the one-stop shop for the purchase of IEC International Standards and other Publications, is now offering its customers new features that should help them keep...

Issue 08/2017

Measurement-based control for industrial systems in the digital world

New series of standards for better testing of industrial and process measurement transmitters

Industrial automation is not new: it has evolved over the years from simple functions as technologies have improved. Measurement-based control has always been at the core of industrial...

Issue 07/2017

Baptism of fire

New Technical Report from IEC SC 121A

Health and safety have always been key drivers behind the publication of IEC Standards. Electricity can be dangerous and electrotechnical equipment and systems can cause different types...

Issue 05/2017

Is the future of lighting in OLED?

IEC publishes Standard for new lighting technology

The lighting market has been concentrating on energy-efficient solutions for years. After lamps relying on light emitting diode (LED) technology, new solutions based on organic LED...

Issue 03/2017

Safe EV charging

Electric vehicles charging systems rely on IEC International Standards

As electric vehicles (EVs) become more popular in many parts of the world, ensuring that charging systems for these operate safely and reliably is central to wider EV adoption. This...

Issue 04/2017

Energy efficient is definitely cool

New publication aims at making refrigerators and freezers more energy efficient

Refrigerators are among the first appliances purchased by practically any household that has electricity access. Unlike many other appliances they are permanently plugged in, so...

Issue 02/2017

Safety Standards for sealed batteries for portable use

Two new IEC Standards cover a crucial aspect of secondary batteries: safety

As the range and demands placed by portable electrical and electronic applications expand rapidly, IEC International Standards for portable sealed secondary batteries are being...

Issue 01/2017

New edition of Standard for OLED displays

Measurement conditions and measuring methods for optical and electro-optical parameters to ensure better image quality

The quest for better television pictures has been ongoing ever since TV was invented and in particular after it started reaching a wider audience. The second edition of an International...

Issue 01/2017

Smart, compatible chargers

IEC enables smart charging solution for consumer portable devices

Over the last decade, technology advances have led to the rapidly growing use of consumer electronics, connecting millions of people as never before and changing the way we operate in...

Issue 01/2017

Measuring effectiveness of information security

ISO/IEC 27004 explains how to develop, assess and report results of information security metrics

You simply can’t be too careful when it comes to information security. Protecting personal records and commercially sensitive information is critical. But how can you tell that your...

Issue 08/2016

Covering countless safety requirements for SMPS

The second edition of a Standard will improve the safety of a myriad of systems

Low-voltage switch mode power supplies (SMPS) can be found in innumerable applications in IT equipment, vehicles, battery chargers, etc. A second edition of IEC 61204-7, an...

Issue 07/2016

Alarm systems useful for AAL too

Alarm transmission systems are used for many applications, including Active Assisted Living

Premises equipped with alarm and access control systems are often essential for people using facilities suited for Active Assisted Living (AAL). Some of these premises must be...

Issue 06/2016

IEC and USB-IF united in e-waste fight

Global single-cable solution for audio, video, data and power

The amount of global e-waste — discarded electrical and electronic equipment — reached nearly 49 tonnes in 2013. On average that is more than 20 kg for each person on the planet. By...

Issue 05/2016

Global single-cable solution for audio/video, data and power

IEC formally adopts USB Type-C™, USB Power Delivery and USB 3.1 Specifications

The IEC remains committed to reducing e-waste and fostering re-usability of electronic devices’ power supplies. First there was the universal charger for smartphones, followed by the...

Issue 05/2016

More EMC Standards published as Redline Versions

Latest editions of two International Standards for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) published.

Two important International Standards for EMC have been published as Redline Versions (RLVs) also. Both are generic immunity Standards, one for residential, commercial and...

Issue 04/2016

Joint IEC/IEEE Standard to improve substation operation

Precise time synchronization for grid automation needs a broadly accepted Standard

Communication between equipment and systems for the electric grid is an essential element of power utility automation, and central to the introduction of Smart Grids. The IEC and the...

Issue 03/2016

Charging EVs at home safely and reliably

New IEC International Standard covers residential charging

As sales of personal electric vehicles (EVs), and in particular of plug-in EVs, expand rapidly, trust in the safety and reliability of charging equipment components is important for...

Issue 03/2016

Covering all bases

Safety of electrical and non-electrical equipment in Ex areas

Miners had learnt the hard way that their jobs were fraught with risks – fire damp, methane accumulation or suspended coal dust – when electric power was introduced. All it took to...

Issue 02/2016

IEC/IEEE Standard is landmark for nuclear industry

Joint IEC/IEEE Standard on electrical equipment qualification for nuclear power plants will bring benefits to the industry worldwide

The safety of nuclear power plants (NPPs) and ensuring installations are safe to operate over their entire lifetime is of global concern to people, the industry and regulators....

Issue 02/2016

Protecting information assets

Common terminology for information security management just revised

Cyber-attacks are estimated to cost businesses between USD 400 and USD 500 billion a year, without counting the large number of attacks which go unreported [ ]. As cybercrime continues...

Issue 01/2016

Security toolbox helps protect from cyberattacks

New ISO/IEC 27000 series of International Standards now available

Almost every day we hear reports of companies and organizations being targeted in cybercrimes.  With so much personal and sensitive information being handled electronically, there...

Issue 08/2015

The positive impact of speaking up

New IEC tool is a success

For the first time in International Electrotechnical standardization, an innovative platform, IEC Public Commenting, is allowing people the opportunity to have a direct impact on the...

Issue 06/2015

Standard for medical device software

Consolidated IEC 62304 issued, available as Redline version

Software is often an integral part of medical device technology and trends point to its growing importance in it. A consolidated version of IEC 62304, Medical device software–...

Issue 06/2015

EVs charging wirelessly

Future EVs may not need to plug in to charge their batteries

The growing number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the roads relies on cabled connections to the grid for charging. Wireless power transfer (WPT) is seen as an attractive alternative to...

Issue 05/2015

More capable yet leaner audiovisual gear

New expanded International Standards to measure consumption of individual devices replace single publication

The range of audio, video (AV) and related equipment used by households has been expanding constantly over recent decades. Long gone is the time when homes had on average a single TV...

Issue 05/2015

Total revamp

New, dedicated website for IEC magazine e-tech

If you read these lines, you’ve already seen that e-tech has gone through a total revamping, starting with this issue. A year after introducing the IEC e-tech mobile app, we are...

Issue 04/2015

Making the Internet of Things a reality

Wireless Sensor Networks’ key role

A new IEC White Paper highlights the role of Wireless Sensor Networks in the evolution of the Internet of Things.

Issue 03/2015

Time to visit the new IEC Webstore!

One-stop shop for IEC Publications gets a makeover

The IEC Webstore, the one-stop shop for the purchase of IEC International Standards and other Publications, has undergone a major update at the end of April, some six years after the...

Issue 03/2015

Key IEC publications for the Ex industry

New versions of IEC International Standards for explosive atmospheres

IEC International Standards for equipment used in explosive (Ex) atmospheres are central to safer environments in many sectors, from the petrochemical to the food and agricultural...

Issue 02/2015

New Standards to enhance dependability

Managing risks and making systems and product perform more reliably

Dependability, the “ability to perform as and when required”, applies to any physical item such as a system, product, process or service. It is now central to our lives as it is...

Issue 02/2015

New EMC Standards as Redline versions

Latest editions of International Standards for Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) published.

Two important International Standards for EMC have been published as Redline versions. One concerns testing and measurement, the second one, prepared by CIS/F, a Subcommittee of the...

Issue 02/2015

Standards supporting public policy

New IEC and ISO brochure for policy makers

IEC and the International Organization for  Standardization (ISO) have launched a new brochure to make their portfolio of International Standards more visible to policy makers and...

Issue 01/2015

Keeping data safe - what's your back up?

New International Standard on data storage security

To securely store and protect data these days a whole lot more than a simple back up is needed. A new IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and ISO (the International...

Issue 01/2015

When eyes replace machines

Monochrome LCD devices are still widely used and depend partly on visual inspection

IEC TC 110: Electronic display devices, has released two new publications for the visual inspection of monochrome matrix LCDs (liquid crystal displays). If automated control of...

Issue 01/2015

Keeping kids safe

A new International Guide from IEC and ISO

We all want kids to be safe, yet more than 830 000 children die needlessly each year from injuries and accidents that could have been prevented. A new International Guide from the IEC...

Issue 01/2015

Enhancing web features

New Feedback and Share buttons, restructured IEC Partners section

The IEC Web Team is constantly making improvements on the IEC website. The Feedback and Share buttons have been moved to give them more visibility, thus making it easier to use these...

Issue 09/2014

Organizing cloud chaos

Two new International Standards provide sound foundation

Governments and private sector organizations recognize cloud computing as a major, game-changing technology, which focuses on maximizing the effectiveness of shared resources. Given the...

Issue 09/2014

Lights, camera, action!

Six new short videos showcase IEC work

As part of making its work accessible and understood by a wider audience, the IEC has recently launched a series of mini films. Each film runs for between 35 and 45 seconds, with music...

Issue 07/2014

A new look for IEC Global Visions

Interviews with global leaders are one click away

Those of you who are regular visitors to the Global Visions section of the IEC website will undoubtedly be pleased to discover the new, streamlined pages. And if you are first-time...

Issue 06/2014

Better cybersecurity for nuclear plants

The IEC publishes the first International Standard to tackle cyber-attacks in nuclear power plants

Safeguarding the security of critical infrastructure from malicious acts by digital means (cyber-attacks) is becoming a priority for most countries. Energy installations, nuclear power...

Issue 06/2014

Enclosing Ex risks

Redline versions of latest Standards for Ex-flameproof and pressurized enclosures published

Flameproof enclosures for housing pieces of electrical apparatus is one of the well known and most used explosion protection techniques essential for use in explosive atmospheres, such...

Issue 05/2014

e-tech to go

e-tech fans can now read the IEC magazine anytime, anywhere

Following a number of requests by attendees at the IEC 2012 General Meeting in Oslo, Norway, the IEC has developed an app that allows readers to access e-tech magazine online in a...

Issue 05/2014

Supporting rural electrification

IEC series of publications to help rural populations in developing world access electricity

Hundreds of millions living in rural areas in developing countries are without access to electricity, a prerequisite to human and economic development. Off-grid renewable energies offer...

Issue 04/2014

Keeping the lights on

New website Energy zone highlights IEC’s key role

The work of the IEC to develop and publish International Standards to enable switches, plugs, cables, sensors, connectors, resistors and capacitors to fit and work safely together...

Issue 03/2014

EU vote on phone charger e-waste

IEC welcomes MEPs’ support for universal mobile charger Standard

The IEC welcomes the recent near-unanimous vote by the European Parliament to embed the universal phone charger Standard for data-enabled mobile telephones into law in the EU by 2017.

Issue 03/2014

Keeping interference at bay

New Standard in EMC field is also available as Redline version for users’ convenience

A SC (subcommittee) of CISPR (Special Committee on Radio Interference) has just published the second edition of an International Standard for Radio disturbance and immunity measuring...

Issue 03/2014

Electric vehicles charging advances

New IEC Standards bring mass EV adoption a step closer

A milestone towards a global framework for introducing safe, interoperable solutions for the fast charging of EVs (electronic vehicle) has been reached with the publication of an...

Issue 02/2014

Nanotechnology: a key to solar energy and energy storage

New IEC and Fraunhofer ISI study finds it will bring significant benefits to energy sector

Nanotechnology will bring significant benefits to the energy sector, especially to energy storage and solar energy, a new study from the IEC and the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and...

Issue 02/2014

Material declaration Standard goes global

European, Japanese and US bodies recommend adoption of IEC Standard

Every electrotechnical product has an environmental impact over its entire life cycle, from raw material acquisition, to the manufacture, distribution, use, maintenance, re-use and end...

Issue 01/2014

Single charger for notebook computers

Major step to help reduce e-waste

Each year billions of external chargers are shipped globally. Power supplies for notebooks weigh typically around 300 but sometimes up to 600 grams, and aren’t generally usable from...

Issue 01/2014

Protecting rights

Ensuring consumer satisfaction

Consumers are producing, viewing, listening to and managing an increasing volume of digital content on devices in the consumer electronics, mobile and PC domains. They want to enjoy and...

Issue 10/2013

Fending off cyber threats

New Standard will boost IT security

Information security breaches represent a growing threat to businesses and organizations throughout the world, costing them vast amounts every year in stolen intellectual property and...

Issue 08/2013

Enhancing our digital presence

IEC website improvements

The IEC is constantly striving to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its online presence and working platforms. Here some of the bigger changes that have come into effect over...

Issue 08/2013

Rural electrification support for developing countries

IEC, World Bank and UN Foundation TS 62257 offer

Electrification is one of the key drivers facilitating economic and socio-cultural development. However rural areas in developing countries can sometimes be too remote to connect to the...

Issue 07/2013

IEC Catalogue on multiple platforms

Customers now able to access IEC Catalogue on more supports, including tablets

New application allows customers who wish to consult the Catalogue of IEC International Standards and to purchase IEC Publications to do so via several operating systems and platforms,...

Issue 06/2013

Upgraded Consolidated version

First upgraded Consolidated version of IEC International Standard released as package

The first upgraded Consolidated version of an IEC Publication has been released. These documents are now issued as packages that include both the Redline version, which shows changes,...

Issue 05/2013

Keeping in touch

Feedback button for better communication with the IEC community

Since Monday 10 June 2013, the IEC website has a new functionality: a feedback button, located on the top right hand side corner of the screen. This should make it much easier for all...

Issue 05/2013

Very small yet global

Standardization for nanotechnology set to boost global industry

Nanotechnology, the manipulation of matter on atomic and molecular scales, is expected to be one of the key technologies of the 21st century, providing opportunities for the development...

Issue 04/2013

Ensuring safer design for hearing aids

A recent IEC Standard will ensure millions of hearing impaired will benefit from safer devices

Hearing aids are central to the lives of millions of people worldwide. Digital technology has greatly improved their performance over the last 25 years or so. IEC TC (Technical...

Issue 04/2013

Financial e-security gets tougher

A new IEC and ISO Technical Report enables information security management systems to better manage risks.


Issue 04/2013

We can count on Ada

Third edition brings increased security and reliability

Originally developed for the US Department of Defense to consolidate programming languages in military applications, the highly reliable Ada programming language is also used in medical...

Issue 03/2013

Easier voting

IEC offers IT tools that increase efficiency

The IEC helps its members keep their IT costs down. This is done by developing and providing free of charge, industry leading IT solutions that do not require expensive licensing or...

Issue 03/2013

Let there be light!

A new International Standard takes into account the latest developments in lighting technology

Electric lighting was fitted to automobiles years after they first appeared on roads. The introduction of electric lighting for headlamps and tail lights represented a major advance....

Issue 02/2013

IEC shows a new digital face

From the beginning of April the IEC website homepage has a new look, designed to provide an improved user experience for existing and new users.


Issue 02/2013

Integrating information security and service management processes

New International Standard provides integration advice

Integration of security best practices and service management processes helps lower the total cost of maintaining acceptable security levels while effectively managing risks. A new...

Issue 01/2013

Right caps for the right lamps

Precision adjustment to standards

There are dozens of models of lamps for countless applications, for residential, industrial and office lighting, for domestic appliances, medical lighting and projection equipment,...

Issue 01/2013

Increasing clarity for Japanese users

IEC databases for graphical symbols now available also in Japanese

Graphical symbols for many goods and services can be found throughout the world. Because they are not linguistically based they help people overcome barriers such as those imposed by...

Issue 08/2012

Keeping turbines spinning in the wind

Landmark International Standard for wind turbine gearboxes

In spite of their often relatively simple appearance, wind turbines are sophisticated machines. Converting mechanical wind energy to electrical power requires a number of components....

Issue 08/2012

Safety specifications for LED modules

Consolidated version of International Standard is published

LED-based lamps are often described as the light of the future. They are very energy-efficient, durable and relatively new. IEC SC (Subcommittee) 34A: Lamps, prepares International...

Issue 07/2012

Fighting product piracy

A new brochure provides anti-counterfeiting guidance

Earlier this year IEC published a new brochure, Piracy in electrical and electronic products: Anti-counterfeiting best practice and strategies. Prepared by CAB (Conformity Assessment...

Issue 07/2012

Cleaner shipping with shore-to-ship power

First International Standard will help widen global adoption

Ships are like floating cities: they produce and distribute their own electricity. They use auxiliary units that predominantly burn fuel oil to provide the necessary power when docked....

Issue 07/2012

Landmark medical standard overhauled

Standardization optimizes safety and performance of medical equipment

ME (medical electrical) equipment and systems play an increasingly important role in healthcare. Safe operation and performance are central to the management of risks in the medical...

Issue 06/2012

Standard for portable heating tools

Hobbyists and professionals alike gain flexibility

Electroheating, the high-power heating of a range of materials using electrical energy with specialist equipment, is widespread in industrial applications. However, a different kind of...

Issue 06/2012

One click away

Immediate access to a wealth of information from the IEC News log page

Whether you are a first-time or frequent visitor to the IEC website, there is one page that you shouldn’t miss if you are looking for information on the IEC: the News log page. From...

Issue 05/2012

Testing ensures EMC from the outset

IEC International Standards help prevent interference between systems

Electromagnetic interference was widespread a few decades ago. It was most obvious in households when TV screens would suddenly fill with 'snow' or radios crackle when hair dryers or...

Issue 05/2012

Amendment to medical standard

Reducing risk through standardization

The safety and performance of ME (medical electrical) equipment and systems are central to the management of risks in the medical environment. IEC TC (Technical Committee) 62 and its...

Issue 05/2012

Dashboard navigation made easy

Contextual menus added to lists of IEC TC/SCs, NCs and Affiliates

The IEC Central Office is constantly taking into account user feedback to improve the IEC website, tools and services. To provide easy access to specific information on IEC TC/SCs...

Issue 05/2012

Faster, more accurate search results

New search box helps refine queries

Are you interested in purchasing an IEC International Standard? Or are you looking for specific information on the IEC? In both cases, your task has now been made easier by the new...

Issue 04/2012

Standard aims to help the environment

Consciously keeping products on track

"Eco-friendly" and "climate neutral" are strong marketing arguments today. Electrical and electronic products are manufactured using many substances; some, for...

Issue 03/2012

Drilling deeper but safely

Maintaining standards in a difficult environment

Offshore drilling is a particularly dangerous activity in which a harsh environment is combined with hazardous substances and operational equipment that is capable of causing fires or...

Issue 03/2012

Safety at sea from shore and space

Additional and improved international standards for maritime safety

Although crews and passengers are safer at sea than ever before as a result of technological progress, their swift rescue in case of accident is still paramount. This means access to...

Issue 02/2012

Cool new standard for insulating oils

Cooling transformers and switchgear

For most people, mention oils in terms of an industrial environment and they immediately think of the lubrication of machines. However, the public at large is less aware that oils are...

Issue 02/2012

Flowing with the tide

Renewable energies committee on marine energy issues its first publication

One of the more recent of the IEC TCs (Technical Committees), TC 114, is responsible for International Standards for marine energy conversion systems. It has issued its first...

Issue 01/2012

From text to speech for pleasure

Audiobooks: bringing literary works to all audiences

Written works have been central to the culture of many civilizations for centuries. However, their main vehicle, print, has meant that they have not been accessible to all, the...

Issue 01/2012

OLED technology flexes its muscles

New flat panel display technology set to take market by storm

At this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, a display technology that drew particular attention was OLED (organic light emitting diode). It currently represents only...

Issue 01/2012

Exclusive IEC solar charger

IEC Webstore competition winners announced

In November 2011, the IEC Webstore launched an end-of-year competition. During the last two months of 2011, any customer who placed an order on the IEC Webstore had the chance to win...

Issue 10/2011

Lighting the way to safety

Testing for a clear way out

The timely evacuation of buildings in case of fire, smoke or other hazard, is an essential part of safety in the work, commercial or residential environment. Maintaining visibility so...

Issue 10/2011

The Thick Redline

Keeping track of power cables

As minds and news are now predominantly focussed on power generation and conservation, comparatively little attention is paid to power cables. Yet these are a central part of the...

Issue 09/2011

IEC Webstore

Dynamic moves for customer satisfaction

The IEC Webstore is structured so as to allow users to purchase IEC publications directly in either electronic or paper format. It also provides access to a broad range of additional...

Issue 09/2011

Bright future for fibre optic standards

Lighting the way ahead

Fibre optic-based systems, which were first introduced in the late 1970s, are behind the spectacular expansion of the telecommunication, broadcast, entertainment and ICT (information...

Issue 08/2011


Small hydro goes full circle

When people think of renewable energy, they often overlook the power of water and its capacity to generate electricity. Yet hydropower is one of the oldest forms both of mechanical and...

Issue 07/2011

Manufacturing 2B information exchange

Manufacturing to Business and Business to Manufacturing information exchanges

Information exchanges within enterprises and between manufacturers and businesses are essential for the whole production process to proceed as efficiently as possible. The latest...

Issue 06/2011


Measuring and controlling data at a distance

Data acquisition and monitoring are important elements of industrial processes and plant management since they help improve operational efficiency. The sensors, cameras and other...

Issue 06/2011

Measurable differences

Coping with the need for increased energy

Concern about energy sources and political awareness of the need to ensure safety has encouraged lobbying for an urgent adoption of renewable sources of energy with lower CO2 emission...

Issue 05/2011

Simplified purchasing

IEC Webstore adds new functionality

The IEC Webstore has a useful preview function that allows everyone to see the content of IEC International Standards without having to make any payment. Now, there is a new purchase...

Issue 04/2011

On the back burner, but not for long

Cooking appliances: measuring performance

The household cooking appliances market is one of the few consumer goods sectors that have weathered the recent recession reasonably well. Accurate measurements of cooking appliances'...

Issue 04/2011

Electric tools – safety first

Ensuring the safety of hand-held motor-operated electric tools and gardening appliances

Hand-held motor-operated electric tools and gardening appliances have invaded the home and garden environments. The large number of users, many of them amateur gardeners or casual...

Issue 04/2011

Facilitating access

Improving the safety of electric drives for gates, doors and windows in homes

Easier access to homes and grounds has been made possible over the years with the widespread introduction of electrically-operated gates, doors and windows. The safe operation of these...

Issue 04/2011

Enclosures for all seasons

Protecting electric installations from the weather and other hazards

Safeguarding outdoor electric installations from the weather and other potential environmental or accidental hazards is essential for their proper operation and for safety. Outdoor...

Issue 03/2011

EV propulsion

Performance and reliability testing

At the end of March 2011, the United States President Obama announced new energy security initiatives for making the US more independent of oil. In addition to expanding cleaner sources...