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Getting from A to Z – sustainably

By Morand Fachot

The stakes in EVs are high and growing. The motor industry considers EVs to be key to providing sustainable transportation for people and merchandise while reducing emissions and dependency on fossil fuel. Manufacturers are constantly announcing new technical developments that, in one way or another, relate to electric vehicles.

Plug-in hybrid. Plug-in hybrid.

Ensuring a reliable supply of electricity from the grid

Establishment of international electrotechnical standards is important not only for the batteries and charging systems of EVs (electrical vehicles), but also to ensure that a reliable supply of electric power is available from the grid.

Standardization must be quick and international to allow technology to roll out on a global basis and to develop a durable infrastructure with no tendency to exhibit the market fragmentation that would result from the existence of incompatible charging systems. At the same time, ensuring the reliability, safety and performance of any transportation system also means taking into account what already exists in terms of electrical systems, plugs and chargers.

In addition to IEC TC (Technical Committee) 69: Electric road vehicles and electric industrial trucks, there are other IEC TCs and SCs (Subcommittees), such as IEC SC 23H: Industrial plugs and socket-outlets, which are involved in the preparation of the relevant International Standards. The Committees address component areas such as cables, connectors, relays, batteries, displays and countless other electrical and electronic devices and systems.

In July 2011, SC 23H produced the FDIS (Final Draft International Standard) for two new publications, IEC 62196-1, Plugs, socket-outlets, vehicle connectors and vehicle inlets – Conductive charging of electric vehicles – Part 1: General requirements, and IEC 62196-2, Plugs, socket-outlets, vehicle connectors and vehicle inlets – Conductive charging of electric vehicles – Part 2: Dimensional compatibility and interchangeability requirements for a.c. pin and contact-tube accessories.

Plug-in hybrid. Plug-in hybrid.
Charging the Kangoo from the mains. Charging the Kangoo from the mains.
Recharging the Twizy. Recharging the Twizy.