What's cooking?

Kitchen aids measure up

By Morand Fachot

The ability to measure the performance of electric cooking ranges, hobs, ovens and grills designed for household use is essential for producers, as low power consumption represents a powerful selling point for appliances. It is also important from a consumer perspective, as these appliances make up a fairly significant share of households' electricity bills.

Induction hob coil and electronics Induction hob coil and electronics

Cookin' and steamin'

IEC SC (Subcommittee) 59K, Ovens and microwave ovens, cooking ranges and similar appliances, released two International Standards in the IEC 60350 series as FDIS (Final Draft International Standards) in September of this year. SC 59 K is a subcommittee of TC 59, Performance of household and similar electrical appliances. The standards are being released because it has been decided to separate the current International Standard, IEC 60350 Ed. 2.0, Electric cooking ranges, hobs, ovens and grills for household use - Methods for measuring performance, into two parts. The first, IEC 60350-1 Ed 1.0, covers cooking ranges, ovens and steam ovens. The second, IEC 60350-2 Ed 1.0, covers hobs. IEC 60350 Ed 2.0 will be withdrawn once the new standards are published in their final form.


These new International Standards specify the methods to be used for measuring the performance of household electric cooking appliances, ranges, ovens, steam ovens, grills and hobs. They do not apply to microwave ovens or portable appliances for cooking, grilling, steaming and similar functions, which are covered by two separate International Standards.

The new International Standards list measurements, the general conditions relating to the measurements – including the instrumentation and positioning – and the dimensions and mass of the various appliances. Their scope includes the accuracy of the devices’ controls, heat distribution mechanisms, energy consumption when cooking and the ability to supply steam when relevant, as well as cleaning (in the case of pyrolytic self-cleaning ovens or those with catalytic cleaning functionality).

These standards will support the industry's efforts to produce more efficient appliances.

Combi steam oven (Photo: Gaggenau.ch) Combi steam oven (Photo: Gaggenau.ch)
Induction hob coil and electronics Induction hob coil and electronics
Four-grill combination (Photo: Miele) Four-grill combination (Photo: Miele)