Winds of change

IEC President addresses Council

By Janice Blondeau

IEC President Klaus Wucherer began his address to the Council in New Delhi with a statement he first made in Tel Aviv when he was elected future IEC President, “We need to work closely together as one strong international team.” Wucherer noted that it is by working together – the 82 National Committees and 83 Affiliate countries, the more than 170 technical committees, and the three Conformity Assessment systems – that the IEC is at its best.

Dr Klaus Wucherer, IEC President, addresses Council... Dr Klaus Wucherer, IEC President, addresses Council...

One strong international team

Wucherer outlined how the IEC’s drive and business approach has served the organization well and how its strong and stable financial situation has allowed it to develop current and new services for its community, despite the turbulent economic situation.

IEC technical work continues to focus on improved efficiency and response to market needs. A range of easily accessible, well integrated and user-friendly IT tools and services for its community ensures the management of the standards development process, from new work item to publication. As well, in the last three years five new technical committees have been established to address new technologies. A fourth conformity assessment system to cover renewable energies is also being put in place. The organization has taken the systems approach from concept to reality, with two recently established system evaluation groups now reporting to the SMB (Standardization Management Board). In addition, over recent years the IEC has developed partnerships with many organizations, expanding its reach as a collaborative global platform for many existing and new partners.

Time for change

The IEC is good at listening and responding to its many markets. But for Wucherer it’s time for the IEC to do more. IEC is the home of industry and industry changes all the time. It’s time for change in the IEC, to reach beyond the organization’s traditional activities. Wucherer urged the IEC to seek leadership in emerging markets as well as in converging and emerging technologies. He also spoke of the benefits of change as it offers the opportunity to do things differently, to try new approaches and to better serve the needs of existing and new stakeholders.

Everywhere there is electricity there should also be the IEC

Electrotechnology develops in a fast-paced environment, an environment that requires dynamic processes, people, systems and cultures. For this, Wucherer stated, IEC needs to be ready to improve and modernize its governance structures. It is also important to enhance the role of the Market Strategy Board for providing direct input from principal markets.

The “Smart” world is “smart” because of the electrotechnology behind it. With more than one hundred years and thirty thousand experts worldwide behind the IEC, the organization has the expertise and the experience to coordinate and lead these activities. As an independent international technical organization the IEC can be instrumental in bringing the whole energy sector closer together.

There is a lot of work ahead of IEC. Industry – both public and private – is behind the organization. The IEC President called on the IEC to continually develop and strengthen links with industry because it is industry in its broad sense that makes the greatest investment in IEC work. They provide the experts to develop the standards and the services they need and use.

Members’ voices heard

Wucherer stated that the IEC’s desire to succeed and its ability to excel lie with its members. It is through National Committees that the IEC achieves its success and that the IEC maintains its links with industry and the other stakeholders benefiting from IEC work. He called upon National Committees to strive towards the goal of maximum representation of local electrotechnical interests, stating, “When we hear all voices we are fully representative, truly international and relevant to the marketplace.”

In his words

It has been a great honour to be President of the IEC. We are one strong international team. Thousands of people are a part of that. Be they experts, Technical Committees, Conformity Assessment systems, Affiliate countries, the management bodies, Central Office, the Officers or the National Committees – it’s the people who make the IEC. I’m counting on each and every one of you to build on our strengths and make us faster, smarter and more effective.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my fellow Officers who have shared valuable advice with me during my term as President. I also thank the General Secretary and his staff at Central Office for their efficient and productive work. And I would like to pay tribute to our former General Secretary, Ronnie Amit, for his excellent work. He kept the IEC close to its markets and made sure we were always serving their needs. But above all, I wish to thank you all for your trust and support. I am sure you will extend the same support to my successor, Dr Nomura. I certainly pledge my support and wish him the best of success in the coming years.

The message I gave in Melbourne and repeated in Oslo becomes more valid as each year passes so I will close with the same words today…

This is an increasingly electric world. Electricity is our domain. And that means it is an increasingly IEC world. Everywhere there is electricity, there also should be the IEC.


Thank you.

Dr Klaus Wucherer, IEC President, addresses Council... Dr Klaus Wucherer, IEC President, addresses Council... the 77th IEC General Meeting, New Delhi, India, 25 October 2013 the 77th IEC General Meeting, New Delhi, India, 25 October 2013
We need to work closely together as one strong international team We need to work closely together as one strong international team