A clear mission and vision

Issue 08/2011 And the need to spread the word

IEC International Standards and CA (Conformity Assessment) Systems are fundamental to international trade. Today, most companies who want to build products that will be accepted worldwide use IEC International Standards and CA Systems, and the 154... More...

Distinguishing between SMB entities

The SMB (Standardization Management Board) is the decision-making body of the IEC. It reports to CB (Council Board).

IEC work on stage

Throughout the year, IEC officers and senior management participate in a large number of strategic events and meetings all over the globe. Their aim is to raise awareness and increase understanding of...

Globally engineered – locally competitive

IEC Global Visions enables industry leaders such as Bosch, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric and Intertek, and research institutes such as AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and...

Participation and dialogue

Both IEC-APRC (Asia-Pacific Regional Centre) and IEC-LARC (Latin America Regional Centre) are key to the development and promotion of the IEC in their region. They help raise awareness at the national...

Driving discussions

This has been an active and successful year for the IEC in the EV (Electric Vehicle) arena.

Share your work in 2012

Nearly 10 000 experts work in the IEC. Often each of them is only aware of the activities of the particular TC/SC in which they work. One of the goals of e-tech, the IEC’s monthly publication,...

IEC World Young Professionals' Programme

As each IEC National Committee has gone through a national...

Conformity Assessment Safe batteries

Batteries are used in numerous devices and their safety...

Conformity Assessment Moving forward

IECEE, the IEC System of Conformity Testing and Certification for...

Conformity Assessment Taming the Ex factor

Oil and gas refining, chemical processing, coal mining, paper and...

Conformity Assessment Dubai to host major IECEx event

Middle Eastern countries that have a large number of oil...

Conformity Assessment Safety inside

Electronic components. We don’t see them. Most of us don’t...

IEC Family 2011 Awards

Every year the IEC honours the commitment and work of a select...

IEC Family Alpha and omega

One of the IEC’s less visible forces is the Editing and...

IEC Family October 2011 nominations

Officers of IEC Consultative Committees

IEC Family Helping developing countries

IEC Affiliate Programme provides assistance in using International Standards

Technical Committees IEC supports renewable energies

Wind, water and sun come into play

Technical Committees Carry-on reading

International Standards for multimedia e-publishing

Technical Committees Standby for better performance

Much is being written and said about the smart homes of the future, with their networked appliances and automated systems, but a networked home also means a home with a large number of appliances on standby.

Technical Committees Ultrasonics

A trip to the hygienist might be less daunting than a visit to the dentist, but even so...

Technical Committees Tiger in the tank

Getting from A to Z – sustainably

Technical Committees Risk management

Ensuring the safety of patients and medical carers

Technical Committees H-to-H2O

Fuel cell technologies are developing rapidly and their use is spreading

Technical Committees What's cooking?

Kitchen aids measure up

Technical Committees All-weather shelters

Protecting electric installations from the weather and other hazards

Technical Committees Hands-on

Safe and efficient electric tools

Technical Committees Moving billions every day

Shifting the load: Energy-efficient elevators and escalators

Technical Committees Sensors everywhere

Impulses that help us control our environment

Technical Committees Robots at your service!

An army on the move to decontaminate, heal and clean!

Technical Committees Getting in and out

Access versus accessibility

Technical Committees A study under natural sunlight

Providing comprehensive rating information for photovoltaic modules

In Store Hydropower

Small hydro goes full circle