Share your work in 2012

We want your stories

By Philippa Martin-King

Nearly 10 000 experts work in the IEC. Often each of them is only aware of the activities of the particular TC/SC in which they work. One of the goals of e-tech, the IEC’s monthly publication, is to change that. In 2012, the e-tech editorial team will be reaching out to TCs/SCs to get their stories.

Reaching over eighteen thousand readers

You participate in the IEC as an expert on a particular topic. At the same time, you and your family members and friends pursue hobbies, consume products and use devices and systems that have been standardized by your colleagues in the IEC without your necessarily knowing about it. We want to bring the work of the IEC, and its relevance to your everyday life, closer to you.

Today, e-tech reaches more than 18 000 readers around the world. Each month the IEC publication covers a different topic that describes the work of a variety of TCs/SCs (Technical Committees and Subcommittees). Articles are written so as to be of interest and accessible to a wide-ranging audience of professionals. The aim is to increase the awareness of IEC work – your work – both within and outside the organization.

In 2012 we plan to increase this sharing and get your input on TCs/SCs as well as including articles that are of direct relevance to your area of expertise.

This is our editorial plan for the coming months of e-tech. We look forward to receiving your comments, news and suggestions.

e-tech focus for 2012


Multimedia and appliances

Audio, video, radio, TV, monitors, printers and all related topics


Sensors and safety

All forms of sensors
 Functional safety, surge and electric shock protection, enclosures, access control, use of hazardous substances



Ships (also ports), public transportation (trains, metro, buses, cable cars, automobiles, including EVs), batteries, displays and other components


Storage and communication

Data storage and cloud computing

Energy storage such as batteries, fuel cells, molten salt (turbines), fly-wheels, pumped storage

Communication between devices in homes, offices, industrial environments, including manufacturing, wireless and wired, protocols and devices


Home and entertainment

Tools for DIY (do-it-yourself) and garden, pool heaters and lighting, barbecues, amusement parks, extension cords


Cooling, heating

Furnaces, freezers, air-conditioners, water heaters, microwaves, welding, soldering, brazing


Connectors and interrupters + World Standards Day

Plugs, sockets, switches, relays, fuses, insulators, surge arresters, enclosures, capacitors, resistors 


Oslo General Meeting review of the past year + lighting and LED


Power generation and transmission

Smart Grid, renewables, nuclear, HVDC, LVDC

November (mid):

Special GM


Robots and toys

Medical, industrial, automation, Ex(plosive environments), robots

Electric and electronic toys