IEC welcomes its 82nd member

Moldova joins IEC as Associate member

By Zoë Smart

In January, the IEC welcomed the Republic of Moldova as its 82nd member. Moldova’s addition means that 163 countries (82 members and 81 affiliate countries) are now involved in electrotechnical standardization work under the aegis of the IEC Family.

Moldova is located between Romania and Ukraine Moldova is located between Romania and Ukraine

The Republic of Moldova is a landlocked state in Eastern Europe located between Romania (to the west) and Ukraine (to the north, east and south). It lies between two rivers, the Dniester and the Prut. Moldova has a population of 4,3 million, of whom 650 000 live in the capital, Chişinău. Statistics show estimated annual electricity generation of 3 412 billion kWh and consumption of 4 463 billion kWh. The country imports all of its supplies of petroleum, coal and natural gas. Its main industries are sugar, vegetable oil, food processing, agricultural machinery, foundry equipment, white goods, shoes and textiles.

From IEC Affiliate...

Moldova was one of the first countries to join the IEC Affiliate Country Programme for developing countries when it was launched in 2001. In July 2010 it was granted Affiliate Plus status, having adopted more than 90 IEC International Standards as national standards and having established MEC (the Moldovan Electrotechnical Committee). MEC represents the country’s main electrotechnical stakeholders: industry, regulatory authorities, academic institutions and the national standards body.

The President of MEC, Mr Vitalie Dragancea, is also General Director of INSM (National Institute for Standardization and Metrology) while Ms Tatiana Rusu, Secretary of MEC, is a senior specialist in international relations at INSM. IEC Associate member

As an Associate Member, the Republic of Moldova will be able to attend all technical and some management meetings (such as those of Council and the Standardization Management Board) that take place during the annual IEC General Meeting. 

Associate Members have access rights and can comment on all IEC technical documents, except FDISs (Final Draft International Standards). They may also request to become P-members (Participating members) on a maximum of four TCs (technical committees) or SCs (subcommittees). P-members have a duty to vote on the work produced by those committees.

Moldova is located between Romania and Ukraine Moldova is located between Romania and Ukraine
Chişinău City Gates Chişinău City Gates
Chişinău National Library Chişinău National Library