Flying, driving and navigating safely

Issue 03/2012 Transportation relies heavily on IEC International Standards for safety and reliability

Safety has always been a major issue in transportation, at the heart of every invention, innovation and technological development over the centuries. Considering the millions of people throughout the world who every day drive their car, take the... More...

Safe shipping doesn’t happen by accident

Maritime transportation is the most effective means of moving large quantities of cargo over long distances. Merchant ships transport around 90% of international trade (in terms of volume) – from...

Beaming at performance and safety

On the lookout for bling-bling, the flashy, extremes in performance, superlatives in whatever sense, some of the visitors to the 2012 International Motor Show in Geneva might have been disappointed to...

From analogue to digital

This is the success story of a family team of car enthusiasts who set out to win a vintage car race. They integrated modern technology into their 1929 racing car in order to be able to record and...

First American in orbit

On 20 February 2012, NASA celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first manned orbital mission of the United States, launched from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.

Electric cycles gaining ground worldwide

Sales of electric cycles are soaring in Asia and several European markets, with consumers attracted by the cheaper purchase and maintenance costs, absence of exhaust emissions and the reduced noise...

No power: no ships, no offshore drilling!

Steam propulsion, which ushered in the era of modern ships, was introduced in the first decade of the 19th century. The next major technical milestone – electric power – was initially installed on...

Technical Committees Standardization for safe global shipping

Carrying an estimated 90% of world trade and billions of...

Technical Committees Wheeling along quietly, without interference

One of the IEC TCs (Technical Committees) that deals with EMC...

Conformity Assessment Taking developing countries onboard

Standardization and conformity assessment are complementary....

Conformity Assessment Fruitful IEC, ILAC and IAF cooperation

When it was signed in October 2010, the MoU (Memorandum of...

Conformity Assessment Building on experience

The 2012 IECEx International Conference on Equipment and Services...

Conformity Assessment Under control

Avionics – a blend of aviation and electronics – comprises...

IEC Family Getting to know Frans Vreeswijk

Frans Vreeswijk became IEC Deputy General Secretary on 1 March...

IEC World Going global

CANENA, the Council for Harmonization of Electrotechnical...

IEC World Call for inspiration and creativity

Take part in the World Standards Day 2012 poster competition!

IEC Family Down under – very much on top

Living and sharing electrotechnology: from teaching to electricity generation and distribution

IEC Family Removing resistance!

Nomination of a new Chairman for IEC TC 90

IEC Family Printed circuitry

Nomination of first Chairman for IEC TC 119

IEC Family Obituary - Paul Sandell

Former Lord Kelvin Award recipient dies

IEC World Tackling copyright infringement

The IEC continues to address issues of unlawful distribution of standards

In Store Drilling deeper but safely

Maintaining standards in a difficult environment

In Store Safety at sea from shore and space

Additional and improved international standards for maritime safety