Getting ready for new challenges

The General Meeting paves the way for the future of the IEC

By Claire Marchand

Traditionally, the December issue of e-tech provides feedback on the IEC GM (General Meeting), held in Tokyo, Japan, this year.

Depositphotos_5675653_original The Tokyo International Forum hosted all IEC management and technical meetings

While all management meetings looked back on what the IEC achieved in the 12 months since the New Delhi GM, in essence the future of the Commission was at the centre of all decisions and discussions. The systems approach is ineluctable, both in standardization and in conformity assessment. Under the umbrella of SMB (Standardization Management Board) SEGs (Systems Evaluation Groups) and SyCs (Systems Committees) are operational in several areas, such as Smart Energy and AAL (Active Assisted Living). Discussions on CA (Conformity Assessment) governance, initiated by CAB (Conformity Assessment Board) are moving forward and key for the future of IEC CA activities and how they are managed.

Of note is the Council Open Session, which this year focused on “Integration towards a Smarter World – Co-existence and Sustainability”. It was a major success with hundreds of participants, proof that the topic is a high priority for most economies around the world.

The holiday season is approaching fast. For some, it is time to catch a musical or a Hollywood blockbuster; others will go to a sports arena to see their favourite team play a game or two. Whether in a theatre, concert hall or stadium, IEC International Standards are essential to the show. Lighting, sound, screens couldn’t work with them.

Depositphotos_5675653_original The 2014 IEC General Meeting took place in Tokyo, Japan, from 10 to 14 November
Depositphotos_41238491_original The Tokyo International Forum hosted all IEC management and technical meetings
claire_marchand Claire Marchand, Managing Editor e-tech