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Six new short videos showcase IEC work

By Janice Blondeau

As part of making its work accessible and understood by a wider audience, the IEC has recently launched a series of mini films. Each film runs for between 35 and 45 seconds, with music written especially by a talented young composer. In a dynamic, visual way, the films show IEC role across energy, electronics and devices, cities, manufacturing, the automotive sector and in grid and energy storage. Help us to spread the word…

lightbulb Electricity is the enabler of our modern lives and IEC standardization and conformity assessment...

Energy – the IEC helps keep the lights on

Electric power is taken for granted, by all of us. We use it and yet we rarely think about it. Behind the scenes but in a very real way, electricity is the enabler of our modern lives. It is the life-blood of our economies...without electricity there is no economic development, no global trade, no industrial activity. The IECs core business is electricity and electronics. We develop the many, many technical rules that allow electric and electronic devices to work safely together everywhere in the world. Our work covers the whole energy chain. We have and continue to develop the majority of the behind the scene technical rules that make energy generation safe and efficient. The IEC helps keep the lights on. IEC Energy mini film

Electronics – keeping you connected safely

Billions of devices and systems depend on IEC work. From tiny components that drive sensors or computers to everyday household equipment, entertainment systems and every other electrical or electronic device you can think of. We also develop the protocols for cloud computing, e-readers or cyber security and define the safety of lasers for commercial or medical use. We not only help make electronics safe and efficient, we also ensure that safety systems that depend on electronics perform as they should. IEC works behind the scenes so that you can be safe, have fun and stay connected. IEC Electronics mini film

Cities – IEC work helps underpin modern urban life

From the electrical energy that comes into our homes, schools, offices and shopping centres to public transport systems, public utilities that bring us water, electricity, and remove household waste – the work of the IEC underpins just about every aspect of modern city life. It is there in the public lighting of sports stadiums and auditoriums, airport safety measures, lifesaving medical equipment and in the communications and IT sector, technology that ensures that city railway and bus services work as they should. IEC Cities mini film

Manufacturing – our work keeps industry turning

Modern manufacturing relies on a constant and reliable supply of sustainable energy. Electricity drives everything from electric motors, wiring, cabling, sensors and information technology. From machinery, industrial automation, processes such as heating, welding and cooling, ventilation, control systems and distribution…IEC work underlies everything. IEC Manufacturing mini film

Automotive – IEC provides the platform

Electricity is dangerous. The fact that we use it every day, everywhere doesn’t change that fact. Today many systems that were mechanical to start with are now electrified and contain electronics that's why they require our expertise. The car is just one of them. All electronics and electrical systems in a car taken together represent today close to 50% of the cost of a car. Many of the components that go into modern cars are built based on IEC work. Electric cars also depend on IEC work: We have standardized all parts of the charging infrastructure for EVs. The broad roll-out of EVs requires extensive cooperation between the car manufacturers, utilities, equipment suppliers and regulators. The IEC provides a platform for this cooperation. IEC Automotive mini film

Enabling the grid and energy storage

Our work covers Smart Grids, designed to help lower costs and optimize energy use. We address the need to maintain grid stability while integrating a growing body of energy that comes from decentralized generation. Electrical Energy Storage is increasingly important – to achieve a better Grid balance, the integration of renewable energy sources and electric vehicle charging. IEC Grid and energy storage mini film

IEC is planning more mini films in the future. If you would like to use these videos in your own presentations, you can find them on the IEC YouTube channel and they'll soon be available on IEC MNet.

Welcome to the World of the IEC

The IEC has also recently held a video competition World of the IEC. First prize has been awarded to Vania Jaikin Miyazaki for her video depicting the use of IEC International Standards in the home. Paul Martin from Robojaws Media is awarded the second prize for his video on the importance of IEC International Standards in the field of Renewable Energy.

Welding robots car factory Six new IEC mini films showcase IEC behind-the-scenes work that touches our daily lives
lightbulb Electricity is the enabler of our modern lives and IEC standardization and conformity assessment...
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