Gearing up

Fast-paced development for IECRE – the CA System is now operational

By Claire Marchand

Global energy needs are increasing constantly and with the diminishing supply of fossil fuels and rising environmental and safety concerns, renewables are likely to occupy a growing share of the future energy mix. Through its standardization and conformity assessment (CA) work, the IEC is promoting the development of renewable sources for electricity production.

Oyster wave energy converter IECRE is organized in three sectors covering marine energy, solar PV energy and wind energy

Long-standing involvement in RE

For more than a century, IEC Technical Committees (TCs) have been developing International Standards for renewable energy (RE), i.e. TC 4: Hydraulic turbines, TC 82: Solar photovoltaic energy systems, TC 88: Wind turbines, TC 114: Marine energy - Wave, tidal and other water current converters and TC 117: Solar thermal electric plants. Last but not least, in 1913 TC 4 issued its first Standard.

To complement the work done by its TCs, the IEC made the decision to create a new CA System providing testing, inspection and certification for RE sectors, focusing on wind, marine and solar PV (photovoltaic) energy.

In 2013 the IEC Conformity Assessment Board (CAB) approved the establishment IECRE, the IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Renewable Energy Applications. The IECRE Management Committee (REMC) held its inaugural meeting in September 2014 in Boulder, Colorado, USA; in September 2015, the REMC met in Tokyo, Japan.

The people

The System has now become operational with the election of Officers approved by CAB.

The REMC comprises IECRE Chairman Sandy Butterfield, IECRE Executive Secretary Kerry McManama and IECRE Treasurer Lars Sitzki.

IECRE currently has three renewable energy sectors: Marine Energy, Solar PV Energy, and Wind Energy, each having an Operational Management Committee (OMC) under the main management committee of the IECRE.

For the Marine Energy sector, the ME-OMC Chairman is Jonathan Colby and the Vice-Chair Rebecca Sykes.

For the Solar PV Energy sector, the PV-OMC Chairman is Adrian Häring and the Vice-Chairman Sewang Yoon.

For the Wind Energy sector, the WE-OMC Chairman is Frank Ormel and the Vice-Chairman is Akihiro Suzuki.

Paving the way for certification

These OMCs draft the documents for their industries, such as the Terms of Reference and the Rules of Procedure (RoP) by which Certification Bodies and Testing Laboratories will be able to provide certification.

The first certificates are expected to be issued in 2016.

Membership is growing

Currently, there are 18 countries participating in the IECRE: Austria, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA. Some others are in the process of applying for membership.

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Oyster wave energy converter IECRE is organized in three sectors, marine…
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