January 2016 nominations

The latest TC Chair nominations approved by the SMB

By Antoinette Price

At the end of 2015, the Standardization Management Board (SMB) nominated four new Technical Committee (TC) Chairs who took up their nominations in January 2016.

Thomas Hilgers. Chair, IEC TC 59 Thomas Hilgers, Chair of IEC TC 59

Jorg Reichelt

Jorg Reichelt is the new Chair of IEC TC 96: Transformers, reactors, power supply units, and combinations thereof. With a background in electrical engineering and a career spanning over 30 years in the industry, Reichelt is currently Managing Director for production and purchase at Block, a German company dealing in transformers, power supply and other special devices. He has been a member of IEC TC 55: Winding wires, since 2007 and IEC TC 96 since 2014.

Benoit Leprettre

Benoit Leprettre takes up his role as Chair of IEC TC 85: Measuring equipment for electrical and electromagnetic quantities. With a career spanning 20 years in signal processing engineering, Leprettre has worked at Schneider Electric Industries since 1999 including defining international standards for metering and protection algorithms. He has been involved with IEC TC 85 since 2011, as well as two other Subcommittees (SCs).

Ingo Weber

Ingo Weber begins his term as Chair of IEC TC 65: Industrial process-measurement, control and automation. Weber has almost 30 years of experience with Siemens in software development, architecture, operating systems and field devices. In addition to applying different IEC Standards in his work over the years, Weber has been involved with IEC TC 65 since 2012.

Thomas Hilgers

Thomas Hilgers has taken over as Chair of IEC TC 59: Performance of household and similar electrical appliances. Hilgers studied chemistry and since 1988 has worked at WFK Testgewebe in the development, production and marketing of test materials used for performance and safety testing, which are made to specific standards. From 2003 to 2015, Hilgers was Chair of IEC SC 59D: Performance of household and similar electrical laundry appliances.

Jörg Reichelt. Chair, IEC TC 96 Jorg Reichelt, Chair of IEC TC 96
Benoit Leprettre. Chair, IEC TC 85 Benoit Leprettre, Chair of IEC TC 85
Ingo weber. Chair, TC 65 Ingo Weber, Chair of IEC TC 65
Thomas Hilgers. Chair, IEC TC 59 Thomas Hilgers, Chair of IEC TC 59