Share your work in 2017

We need your stories

By Claire Marchand

Take the 169 countries in the IEC family, the 20 000 technical experts who work in standards development, the many Certification Bodies (CBs) and Test Laboratories (TLs) in the IEC Conformity Assessment (CA) Systems, and add to the mix the rapid pace at which technologies are evolving today and you have hundreds, if not thousands of stories that can be told within the IEC community. 

data_protocols_cybersecurity The January/February issue will focus on consumer electronics as well as issues relating to cybersecurity and Big Data

Reaching a large audience

Each month, e-tech covers a topic that is specific to IEC work and describes what TC/SCs and the four CA Systems do in that field. Reports on international and regional conferences, workshops and seminars, organized by the IEC or attended by IEC representatives, are also featured. 

On the one hand, as in previous years, the e-tech editorial team will be reaching out to you to get your story. On the other, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact us – some of you have already done so in the past – if you think you can contribute to a specific issue in one way or another. In 2017, we plan to continue and increase the sharing of stories, get your input and include articles that are of direct relevance to your area of expertise. 

This is our editorial plan for e-tech in 2017. We do look forward to receiving your comments, news and suggestions. 

January/February 2017

Consumer electronics & multimedia 

IBC and CES latest trends / IoT / Big Data / data protocols and security / cybersecurity / wearables / industry and service sectors using AR/VR (clothing, medical, sports, broadcasting, manufacturing, military, entertainment, architecture, marketing, retail, tourism, robots, real-time VR) 

March 2017

Power generation 

Power generation, transmission and distribution / integration of REs into the mix / rural electrification / PV / LVDC / live working 

April 2017


Autonomous vehicles / update on EV technology incl. batteries / wireless charging for public transport and cars / AI and ethics 

May 2017

Disaster relief 

Prevention / mitigation & recovery / emergency machinery / warning systems / functional safety / conformity assessment 

June/July 2017

Printed electronics 

Printed electronics / 3D printing / nanotech / graphene / energy harvesting / IDTechX latest trends 

August/September 2017

Review of the year 

From Frankfurt to Vladivostok 

October 2017


Sensor tech / robots / intelligent, digital-inclusion apps to monitor medication intake / rugs / wearables / healthcare / GPS tech / accessibility / CCTV and surveillance 

November 2017

Smart everything 

Smart Energy / Smart Cities / Smart buildings / RE / Industrie 4.0 / robotics / automation / AI 

December 2017

GM special / Lighting 

OLEDs / LEDs / white laser as lighting

data_protocols_cybersecurity The January/February issue will focus on consumer electronics as well as issues relating to cybersecurity and Big Data
solar and wind energy Power generation, including from renewable energies, will be the theme of the March issue
energy harvesting footwear Energy harvesting is one topic that will be treated in June/July – Footwear with embedded energy harvester in the sole, developed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers’ startup, InStep NanoPower, and Vibram, could charge mobile electronics (Photo: UW/Madison College of Engineering)
Baxter robot Industrial robotics will be featured in November – Baxter can perform a wide range of tasks, from line loading and machine tending to packaging and material handling (Photo: Rethink Robotics)
LG OLED flexible screen The December issue will report on the IEC General Meeting in Vladivostok, Russia, and focus on lighting, including OLEDs – OLED flexible screen (Photo: LG)