The IEC of the future

Looking back on the past year to better pave the way for the challenges ahead

By Claire Marchand

Traditionally, the last issue of  the year provides feedback on the IEC General Meeting (GM), held in 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany, 

cyber security Cyber security and IoT are two areas that involve the work of many IEC technical and systems committees

While all management meetings looked back on what the IEC has achieved in the 12 months since the Minsk GM, in essence the future of the Commission was at the centre of all decisions and discussions. Reiterating the importance of the systems approach, both in standards development and in conformity assessment work was high on the agenda of the Standardization Management Board (SMB) and the Conformity Assessment Board (CAB). This has never been truer than today with cyber security issues that have the potential to affect all industry sectors. The Internet of Things (IoT) is another area that involves the work of many IEC technical committees and subcommittees (TC/SCs), standardization evaluation groups (SEGs) and obviously systems committees (SyCs). Those are only two examples showing why the IEC is embracing the systems approach but many other fields of activity will certainly benefit from it. 

The Council Open Session reviewed activities and presentations in the Reinvention Laboratory, an open platform that presented and discussed a wide range of ideas and concepts, strategies and visions from the world of standardization. The results of these week-long exchanges were summarized in the Frankfurt Agenda which listed recommendations that should help shape the IEC of the future:

  • Expansion of our organizational structure
  • Evolution of our tools and processes
  • Innovation of our portfolio
  • Development of our new business model
  • Strengthening of our conformity assessment services
  • Preservation of our core values 

The IEC Masterplan, expected to be available in 2017, will provide further insights into the IEC strategy for the future.

cyber security Cyber security...
internet of things ...and the internet of things are two areas that involve the work of many IEC technical and systems committees
Claire Marchand, Managing Editor e-tech Claire Marchand, Managing Editor e-tech