Faster, more accurate search results

New search box helps refine queries

By Zoë Smart

Are you interested in purchasing an IEC International Standard? Or are you looking for specific information on the IEC? In both cases, your task has now been made easier by the new search function that allows you to select the most appropriate website when you type your query.

Narrowing down searches

Until recently, the results from a search using the box at the top of the IEC homepage included long lists of items coming both from the IEC website and the IEC Webstore. Finding your way through dozens of entries from different websites could be difficult and time-consuming.

Now, when you type a keyword in the search box, you are asked whether you want to search the entire IEC website or the IEC Webstore.

Searching the entire IEC website

Let’s say you want to know what the IEC does in the field of Smart Grid. Type Smart Grid in the search box and select the option Smart Grid in the entire website.

The search result will display all entries that contain the keyword Smart Grid. 

Searching for IEC publications

If you are looking for IEC publications that are relevant to the Smart Grid, whether they are IEC International Standards, IEC Technical Specifications or IEC Technical Reports, type Smart Grid and select Search in the IEC Webstore.

Your search result will show IEC publications that are relevant to the Smart Grid issue.

If you type a key word and press enter without selecting any of the two options, your search results will be similar to those obtained when choosing the Search in the entire IEC website option.