Enhancing web features

New Feedback and Share buttons, restructured IEC Partners section

By Claire Marchand

The IEC Web Team is constantly making improvements on the IEC website. The Feedback and Share buttons have been moved to give them more visibility, thus making it easier to use these features. And the IEC Partners section has been restructured to include information that was previously scattered throughout the site.

IEC homepage Feedback and Share buttons on the homepage of the IEC website

Commenting and sharing made easy

Both the Feedback and the Share functionalities were present on the IEC website, but until recently they lacked visibility. The Feedback button was at the top-right hand-side corner of the screen, next to the FAQs and Contact Us tabs. As for the Share button, it was part of the footer, meaning that visitors wanting to share a page had to scroll down to locate it.

Both buttons have now been positioned on the right of the page, in a sidebar, visible and available at all times when users scroll down a page.

How it works

Contacting the IEC with questions, suggestions or for support has never been easier.

Clicking on the Feedback button opens a popup form on which users enter their name, email address and the topic they want to draw attention to. They can further specify whether their communication is a question, a suggestion of if they need support, and provide detailed explanations.

To avoid spam, a simple question is asked at the bottom of the form prior to submission.

The submission goes straight into the system where it is automatically attributed a dedicated number and where those monitoring the flux of incoming feedback can then process it and quickly forward it to the person best able to respond – each department at IEC CO has appointed one contact person who will deal with these requests. At the same time the person making the inquiry receives an email message, confirming reception of the request and providing a ticket number. This process allows for speedier answers and better service to users.

Once completed, the response from IEC CO is sent to the initiator of the inquiry and filed in the ticketing system database for future reference. This database will serve as basis for the preparation of FAQs and last but not least, the IEC can use the statistical data on support requests and comments to better understand where improvements in the IEC Services and tools are necessary.

Sharing is just a click away

Sharing content via social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or email – is just a click away and always accessible. Please note that the sharing tool has been optimized for Twitter, with short URLs, leaving more characters for your own tweets.

Partnership with international and regional organizations

The new IEC Partners section provides an exhaustive list of all organizations the IEC has links with. The table shows which organizations have a cooperation agreement or an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the IEC. The agreements and MoUs themselves are available as PDFs. TC/SC (Technical Committee/Subcommittee) liaisons are also listed, when applicable, for each partner.

Special subsections discuss the IEC relationships with WSC (World Standards Cooperation), ISO (International Organization for Standardization), WTO (World Trade Organization) and the UN (United Nations).

IEC homepage The Feedback and Share buttons
 feedback popup Clicking on the Feedback button opens a popup form
IEC partners The new IEC Partners section lists all organizations the IEC cooperates with