Total revamp

New, dedicated website for IEC magazine e-tech

By Claire Marchand

If you read these lines, you’ve already seen that e-tech has gone through a total revamping, starting with this issue. A year after introducing the IEC e-tech mobile app, we are thrilled to launch the brand new e-tech website.

Etech homepage The e-tech homepage features the currrent issue of the IEC magazine

So what’s new?

Well, everything really! First, the magazine has its own website, independent of the main IEC site. Its URL is Building a dedicated site gave us the opportunity to approach the project as a whole and design its pages with the publication in mind and nothing else. The general idea was to give it more of a magazine feel.

The site is responsive, which means that you can easily read its articles on a tablet or a smartphone.

Finding your way around

The homepage of the site always features the current issue of the magazine. You can access past issues – going back to 2011 – from the Archives section in the right hand-side column.

At the top of each page, you find the sections that we have used these past years to categorize the articles. Clicking on anyone of those will give you all articles published in that category, broken down by year.

Clicking on any of the “Tags” in the right-hand column will lead you to a list of articles that bear this particular tag.

And don’t forget the traditional search field that lets you enter keywords to look for specific articles.

Bear with us a little longer

Needless to say, over the next few days/weeks there are bound to be teething problems. We kindly ask you to bear with us as we put the final touches to our new site and thank you for your patience and understanding.

We hope you like it

We hope you’ll enjoy discovering the new website and will find it easy to navigate, pleasant to use and…interesting to read!

Etech homepage The e-tech homepage features the current issue of the IEC magazine
Etech categories You can view articles by category
Etech archives The Archives give access to past issues going back to 2011