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IEC Regional Centres participate in key events

By Zoë Smart

The work carried out by IEC-LARC (Latin America Regional Centre) and IEC-APRC (Asia-Pacific Regional Centre) is essential to promoting the work of the IEC in their respective regions. Throughout the year, Amaury Santos, Regional Manager IEC-LARC and Dennis Chew, Regional Director IEC-APRC organize and participate in a number of events, raising awareness of the IEC’s work and engaging stakeholders. 2012 marks an important landmark for both regional centres, as LARC celebrates its 5-year anniversary and APRC its 10th. Below is a roundup of some of the events of the past 12 months.

Frans Vreeswijk, Jacques Régis and Amaury Santos at the COPANT General Assembly Frans Vreeswijk, Jacques Régis and Amaury Santos at the COPANT General Assembly

Latin America

COPANT General Assembly

The COPANT (Pan American Standards Association) General Assembly was organized by Brazil’s national standards body ABNT (Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas) and took place in Fortaleza, Brazil on 7-8 May 2012. Present at the event were IEC Immediate Past President Jacques Régis, IEC Deputy General Secretary Frans Vreeswijk and IEC-LARC Regional Manager Amaury Santos.

The annual event offers the IEC the opportunity to network with COPANT members and to promote participation in IEC standardization and CA (Conformity Assessment) work. Régis updated attendees on recent IEC work and activities and stressed the importance for industry in participating actively and being represented in the IEC NCs (National Committees) in order to benefit fully from IEC work.

Other events

IEC-LARC was present at a number of other events, such as the Energy & Integration Forum that took place in Uruguay in November 2011 and the Smart Grid forum in Brazil, also in the same month. Santos was present at the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) Forum on Conformance and Interoperability for the Americas in June this year, while the centre organized the IEC Forum on International Standardization and Conformity Assessment for the Electrical Sector which took place in Colombia in August.

A particular achievement was the establishment of a NEC (National Electrotechnical Committee) in Ecuador. Establishing a NEC is an important step for IEC Affiliate Countries, as it allows national stakeholders to have a say in the selection and adoption of IEC International Standards that are relevant to their market and encourages participation and discussion on electrotechnical standardization.

LARC, in cooperation with the IEC Central Office has organised a number of virtual training courses on the use of IEC IT tools, covering countries of the Andean Community – Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru as well as Costa Rica and Honduras in Central America. During the past 12 months, Santos also made promotional visits to Chile, Colombia, Uruguay and Venezuela.


10th JISC/IEC/IECEx Human Resource Development Seminar on Standards for Green Society

The seminar, organized by JISC (Japanese Industrial Standards Committee) in collaboration with IEC-APRC focused on promoting awareness as well as the latest developments in energy efficiency requirements in standards for electrical and electronic products. The need of harmonizing those requirements was another focal point of the presentations and discussions that took place at the two-day event hosted by the Philippines NC (National Committee) held in Manila in December 2011.

With a number of IEC TCs (Technical Committees) and SCs (Subcommittees) working on addressing energy efficiency issues in the International Standards they are developing, Dennis Chew gave an update of their work. He went on to provide an overview of the IT tools facilitating experts’ participation in the IEC. The seminar, which was attended by experts from 8 countries, was also an excellent opportunity to encourage more active participation in the IEC.

ACCSQ (ASEAN Consultative Committee on Standards and Quality)

ACCSQ has been working towards the harmonization of standards and technical regulations in the Southeast Asia region in a bid to reduce technical barriers to trade and help establish the ASEAN(Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Economic Community. On the occasion of the 38thACCSQ meeting in March 2012 Pierre de Ruvo, IECEE Executive Secretary, and Chew were both present. De Ruvo gave a presentation focusing on the IEC Affiliate Country Programme for developing countries before going on to present the IECEE System and its benefits.

In addition, IEC-APRC also participated at the ACCSQ JSC EEE (Joint Sectoral Committee on Electrical and Electronic Equipment) meeting which took place in Phnom Penh in May. The ACCSQ JSC EEE is a forum for regulators of electrical and electronic equipment to implement the ASEAN Harmonized Regulatory Regime for Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

Another event which falls under the Southeast Asian region was an ASEAN workshop on Renewable Energy Technical Standards and Harmonization organized in Hanoi in March. Chew participated and delivered a keynote address on ‘Renewable Energy Standards from an International Perspective – Developments and Outlook’. The event was organized by ASEAN-RESP (Renewable Energy Support Programme) for ASEAN and the ASEAN ACE (Centre for Energy).

APEC Subcommittee on Standards and Conformance’s Joint Regulatory Advisory Committee on Electrical and Electronic Equipment

The IECEE, the IEC Conformity Assessment Scheme for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components and the IEC-APRC are regularly invited to be part of the JRAC seminars and meetings, considering the importance of standards and conformity assessment in facilitating free trade and economic development.

Dennis Chew (on behalf of Pierre de Ruvo) and Derek Johns, Chairman of IEC TC 61: Safety of household and similar electrical appliances, gave a joint presentation on Risk Assessment in the IECEE CB Scheme, and the IEC’s approach to Risk Assessment Standards Methodology at theAPEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Joint Regulatory Advisory Committee for Electrical and Electronic Equipment Meeting and Workshop held on 15-18 May in Singapore. The key message to the workshop participants was that risk assessment is intrinsically covered in the IEC standards and the IECEE CB Scheme.

PASC (Pacific Area Standards Congress)

The congress, which takes place annually brings together Chief Executive Officers and senior representatives of national standards organisations as well as industry experts from the Asia-Pacific region to discuss the latest international standardization developments. Chew was accompanied by Jacques Régis, IEC Immediate Past President, and Hiromichi Fujisawa, IEC Vice President. The theme of PASC 35 was the implementation of environmental sustainability standards and with IEC very much active in the area, a number of presentations were given providing attendees with insights into relevant IEC work.

At the event which took place in South Korea in June of this year, Régis took the opportunity to congratulate IEC-APRC on its 10th anniversary while Malaysia complimented the team on the training provided by the centre throughout the year.

Other events

On the conformity assessment front, Chew together with de Ruvo and Wal Robson of IECEx spoke at the IEC/IECEE/IECEx workshop which took place in Hanoi in May in collaboration with the Vietnamese NC. Chew and Robson also presented at the IECEx Industry Dialogue that took place in Indonesia and Singapore in May to promote awareness of the IECEx System.

In the field of lighting, APRC participated in the APEC LED Workshop in November last year and at the meeting held in Beijing in June to provide the latest updates on IEC activities.

Finally, the APRC team work hard to enhance participation within the IEC family. In view of that, a regional workshop was organized at the APRC offices in March of this year. The theme of the training was ‘Enhancing participation in the IEC work’. The objective of the training is to equip both experts and National Committee/Affiliate staff with the tools to participate more effectively in the IEC and hence, benefit more fully from membership or the Affiliate Country Programme. It was designed as an intensive and interactive session and attracted participation from members Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore and Affiliates, Bhutan, Cambodia and Papua New Guinea.

In addition, a series of TISS (Technical Information and Support Services) trainings took place in China, Japan and Korea in May.

Frans Vreeswijk, Jacques Régis and Amaury Santos at the COPANT General Assembly Frans Vreeswijk, Jacques Régis and Amaury Santos at the COPANT General Assembly
pasc_participants PASC 35 participants
IEC-LARC and IEC-APRC representatives participate in key events worldwide IEC-LARC and IEC-APRC representatives participate in key events worldwide