Training and IT tools development

TISS provides technical support to IEC community

By Claire Marchand

If you are part of the IEC community, whether in an NC (National Committee) or TC/SC (Technical Committee/Subcommittee), you most probably have already been in contact with TISS, the IEC Technical Information and Support Services. IEC Community Business Coordinator Jan-Henrik Tiedemann outlined the major TISS activities and developments for e-tech.

Fotolia_10082257_L TISS organizes training and provides technical support

Invaluable support

First and foremost, TISS provides support to the IEC community. It helps solve technical problems and receiving around 30 to 40 email messages every day, TISS collects users’ feedback, comments and suggestions which are essential for future developments.

Defining new and improving existing IEC electronic services

Analyzing the needs of the IEC community and putting the IEC Masterplan into practice, TISS defines and, in a close joint effort with the IEC IT Department, implements new IT Tools, improves those already available and prepares guides on all IEC electronic services..

Developing public commenting

One such new development is the Public Commenting project, which will be started, soon.

Public Commenting will be open to any person not currently part of the IEC community wishing to make observations or suggestions on an IEC draft publication at the CDV (Committee Draft for Vote) stage.

To leave a comment, a person will create a login on the IEC website. The person will then be asked to enter the name of the company they represent and the country they are from. All comments will be directly forwarded to the NC of the respective country. It is up to the NC to decide which comments to take into consideration.

The person is also able to receive information about newly published CDVs, provided they indicate the technology fields they are interested in. 

Public Commenting will provide NCs with a new source of direct market feedback. It might also prove attractive as a tool for the recruitment of new experts, since individuals who provide regularly relevant comments might become interested in joining a national mirror committee.  In short, the system is expected to provide an essential avenue for feedback and participation from the stakeholders.


TISS also provides training and workshops for NC Officers, TC/SC Officers and experts as well as industry professionals active in standardization and/or CA (Conformity Assessment).

TISS has put in place a detailed training strategy. From in-house and staff training to online training/video conference and regional tours, this strategy covers all parameters for the organization of a training session or workshop. Based on this approach, the first regional training sessions were organized in Asia last May (see separate article in this issue).

IEC website

Improvements of the IEC website are currently in the works under TISS project lead.
The objective is to provide more direct access to working tools for the IEC community.

The first elements of this new approach will be presented at the 2012 General Meeting in Oslo and completed shortly thereafter. These improvements are a direct result of feedback received by TC/SC and National Committees.

TISS is also the channel through which members and TC/SCs can give comments and suggestions regarding tools and sections of the website to the web development team. The aim is to continuously optimize and improve user experience.

Ticketing system

TISS is also putting in place a new ticketing system. The aim is to keep track of requests, whether they are verbal, by email or by phone, up to and including their completion. The system will also allow assigning relevant resources and involving the departments that should work on or respond to a given query. Finally, it will provide a repository for future reference and serve as a basis for the development of FAQs.

The ticketing system, already put into practice between TISS and the IEC IT department, should be made available to all IEC Central Office and Regional Office staff before the end of the year.

Online meetings and survival kits

Saving cost is high on the agenda of all members and the companies who delegate their experts to the IEC. This is also the reason why TISS is currently working on improving the IEC web conferencing system, making it more efficient and easier to use.

Last but not least, TISS is also in the process of updating the “Survival Kits” geared to provide guidance to TC secretaries TC Chairmen and Convenors.

A constant dialogue between TISS and the IEC community is essential to continue the development and improvement of all services. Feedback, comments, suggestions can be sent

Fotolia_10082257_L TISS organizes training and provides technical support
Public commenting should be available Public commenting should be available
TISS has put in place a detailed training strategy TISS has put in place a detailed training strategy