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The new Centre for Innovative Lighting Engineering trains tomorrow's experts in lighting design

By Claire Marchand

In recent years, illumination has become a creative extension of architecture. The simple spotlights that lighted monuments and buildings have been replaced by complex lighting solutions that enhance and strengthen interior and exterior environments, creating dramatic and spectacular spatial effects

Moscow State University ...and the Moscow State University

A new dimension through lighting

Architectural lighting design, a new discipline that brings together architecture, interior design and electrical engineering, creates lighting systems that combine natural and electric light to obtain the desired effect.

How much light is required, how space and objects will be affected by the colour of the light, the distribution of light within the indoor or outdoor space, the effect it creates are elements that have to be taken into account in the design process.

Unique lighting solutions

The illumination of buildings or spaces relies on three fundamental aspects: aesthetic appeal, ergonomics and energy efficiency. Depending on the type of building and its use, one of the three elements may be put forward in the design process without excluding the other two.

While theatres, museums and historical monuments may favour aesthetics to enhance the appearance and emotional impact of their architecture, offices and warehouses may opt for energy-efficient lighting, and healthcare or sports facilities will rely on ergonomics to provide very specific amounts of light to operate in optimal conditions.

The Centre for Innovative Lighting Engineering

Russia has a long tradition of excellence in lighting technologies, with VNISI, the Russian Lighting Research Institute, and the faculty of Lighting Engineering of MPEI, the National Research University, at the forefront of research, development and education in this field (see article in this issue of e-tech).

The Centre for Innovative Lighting Engineering is another example of the vitality of the country’s involvement in technological development in the lighting field.

Jointly established by VNISI and MPEI’s faculty of Lighting Engineering, supported by the Science Department as well as several Moscow business and industry representatives, the Centre was officially inaugurated on 17 December 2014.

The Centre’s mission is to train students, whether post graduates or lighting experts, in scientific work and research using digital 3D equipment.

3D simulation key to lighting projects

As Dmitriy Yushkov, Director of the Centre, explained, creating prototypes will be a compulsory step for the modern development of any new lighting system or solution. Prototypes help evaluate the appearance and the ergonomics of future models, check the functionality of the design and offer the possibility to make necessary changes at the last minute if needed. The services provided by the Centre go from training in 3D modelling and 3D simulation to developing and designing lighting devices as well as commercial projects (production of units or series).

Inauguration day

VNISI General Director Anna Shakhparunyants opened the ceremony and described the latest developments in the field of lighting equipment, design, stressing the importance of aesthetics, in the creation of a device or a component.

Dr Andrey Grigoriev, a Professor in the MPEI Lighting Department, wished the students every success in their endeavour to become the lighting experts of tomorrow.

Also present at the event were Marina Lvova, representative of the Centre of Innovative Development, Irina Tzvetkova, representative of the Moscow Committee on architecture and town-planning, and Ivan Vasilev, light designer and a member of the International Association of Light Designers (IALD). All were emphatic in their praise of the Centre, mentioning the invaluable technical and creative opportunities offered by the state-of-the-art technologies and 3D simulations.

The official part of the day was followed by tours of the facility, demonstrations and explanations of the technologies and equipment used by the Centre.

Russia On inauguration day of the Centre for Innovative Lighting Engineering, tours of the facilities and demonstrations of the technologies and equipment were organized
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