2015 IEC Awards

Recognizing commitment to the IEC

By Claire Marchand

Every year the IEC honours the commitment and work of a number of individuals in its community who, through their leadership and technical expertise, have contributed to making products and electrical systems safer, more energy efficient, more reliable and more compatible.

IEC Thomas A. Edison Award IEC Thomas A. Edison Award

Thomas A. Edison Award

Created in 2010, the annual Thomas A. Edison Award recognizes exceptional achievements of Technical Committee/Subcommittee (TC/SC) officers and their IEC Conformity Assessment (CA) Systems counterparts.

To be nominated, TC and SC officers need to be active in IEC work. They must also have made an outstanding contribution to IEC systems and international standardization work, helping their committees to work more effectively on behalf of key stakeholders. The Award is given to up to nine recipients each year by the Standardization Management Board (SMB) and Conformity Assessment Board (CAB). Seven of these are reserved for TC/SC officers, and a maximum of two for officers in the CA bodies.

In 2015, the SMB chose seven TC/SC Officers:

  • Margie M. Burk, Assistant Secretary of TC 61: Safety of household and similar electrical appliances, TC 72: Automatic electrical controls, and TC 108: Safety of electronic equipment within the field of audio/video, information technology and communication technology
  • Chen Bo, Secretary of TC 85: Measuring equipment for electrical and electromagnetic quantities
  • Cheolung Cha, Secretary of TC 47: Semiconductor devices
  • Pietro Di Vita, Chair of SC 86C: Fibre optic systems and active devices
  • Tadashi Ezaki, Secretary of TC 100: Audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment
  • Jae-Young Lee, Technical Area Manager of TC 100 TA 4: Digital system interfaces and protocols
  • Reinhard Nerke, Secretary of SC 3D: Product properties and classes and their identification

Four of the 2015 IEC Thomas A. Edison Award laureates will receive their honours from IEC Vice-President and SMB Chairman Jim Matthews during the SMB session at the 2015 IEC General Meeting in Minsk.

The CAB will bestow the Award on:

  • Ralph Wigg, IECEx (IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres).

Ralph Wigg will receive the Award from IEC Vice-President and CAB Chairman Ulrich Spindler during the CAB meeting in Minsk.

1906 Award

The IEC 1906 Award was established in commemoration of the Commission’s foundation in that year and honours technical experts around the world whose work is fundamental to the IEC. Each year a maximum of five awards may be granted per TC, including its various subcommittees.

A total of 142 experts from 49 TCs (including ISO/IEC JTC 1) and 15 experts from the four CA Systems, representing 10 NCs, were nominated to receive this year’s 1906 Award. It recognizes exceptional recent achievements that contribute in a significant way to advancing the work of the Commission.

IEC Thomas A. Edison Award IEC Thomas A. Edison Award
 IEC 1906 Award IEC 1906 Award