Share your work in 2016

We need your stories

By Claire Marchand

With 166 countries in the IEC family, more than 15 000 technical experts who work in standards development, hundreds of CBs (Certification Bodies) and TLs (Test Laboratories) in the IEC CA (Conformity Assessment) Systems, there is no shortage of stories to be told within the IEC community. In 2016, as in previous years, the e-tech editorial team will be reaching out to you to get your story.

Electric car ferry The April issue of e-tech will deal with transportation, and will take a closer look at the recently-launched electric car ferries (Photo: Siemens)

Reaching a large audience

Today, e-tech reaches about 20 000 readers around the world. Each month the IEC publication covers a different topic that describes the work of a variety of TC/SCs and the CA Systems in that specific field. Reports on international and regional conferences, workshops and seminars, organized by the IEC or attended by IEC representatives, are also featured.

In 2016, as in previous years, we plan to continue and increase this sharing, get your input and include articles that are of direct relevance to your area of expertise.

This is our editorial plan for e-tech in 2016. We look forward to receiving your comments, news and suggestions.

January/February 2016

Consumer electronics & multimedia

IBC and CES latest trends / IoT / big data / data protocols and security / wearables / printed electronics / 3D printing / nanotech

March 2016

Medical + hazardous area

New technological developments in the medical field / electrical and non-electrical equipment used in hazardous locations

April 2016


Individual electric transport including fuel cell technologies and hydrogen cars / electric ferries / aviation & avionics / EV batteries & charging

May 2016

Augmented and virtual reality

In industry, medical, sports, training, military, entertainment

June 2016

Olympics and Euro 2016

IEC Standards everywhere

July 2016


Prevention, mitigation & recovery / emergency machinery / warning systems / live-working / functional safety / conformity assessment, etc.

August/September 2016

Active Assisted Living (AAL)

Paralympics / developments in AAL technologies, homecare, monitoring devices

October 2016

Review of the year

From Minsk to Frankfurt

November 2016

Smart Energy

New developments in PV technologies / Energy Efficiency / Renewable Energies / LVDC

December 2016

GM special / Lighting

OLEDs / LEDs / white laser as lighting

Electric car ferry The April issue will deal with transportation, and will take a closer look at the recently-launched electric car ferries (Photo: Siemens)
virtual reality The May 2016 issue will cover virtual and augmented reality
AAL Active Assisted Living (AAL) will be featured in August/September (Photo: Siemens)
Audi OLEDs The December issue will report on the IEC General Meeting in Frankfurt, Germany, and focus on lighting, including OLEDs – tested here as car rear lights (Photo: Audi)