Powering the planet

Issue 07/2017 Electricity is the modern lifeline

Electric power is so much more than switching on a light bulb, and the havoc wreaked by hurricanes Irma and Maria in September was a stark reminder of this.  More...

Cyber security for the modern grid

Mitigating risk and anticipating attack vulnerabilities on utility grids and systems are not just about installing technology, but also about understanding risk.

Helping thwart cyber threats on nuclear plants

Cyber attacks on civil nuclear power plants (NPPs) would have devastating consequences for a country relying, even in part, on nuclear energy. It could affect the entire power network, might cause the...

Expanded pumped storage power station goes into service

Electricity is consumed predominantly as it is produced. Electricity generation relies increasingly on new renewable energy (RE) sources, mainly sun and wind. These are intermittent and not always...

Flexible hydro operation for lean integration of new renewables

In 2015, global generation of electricity was 24 255 TWh. Hydropower accounted for around 16% of the total, making it the main renewable energy (RE) source for electricity generation. It will...

Reduced scale model testing for hydropower projects

Hydropower projects are usually very large, designed to last for decades and then to be refurbished. Owing to the huge costs involved and the need to achieve the best possible results and efficiency,...

Tried and tested

A number of low voltage direct current (LVDC) trials are preparing the ground for a wider use of the technology, both in developed and developing countries.

Technology Focus How International Electrotechnical Standards promote sustainability

The world’s climate is changing. This change will impact not...

Industry Spotlight Here comes the sun

Solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity is rapidly increasing its...

Technical Committees Driving the internet of things through standardization

The internet of things (IoT) is now in sharp focus for the...

Technical Committees A place in the sun

As the price of photovoltaic (PV) systems continues to tumble and...

Technical Committees Turn up the heat

Safety is a crucial concern for anyone working in industries that...

Technical Committees 80th anniversary of industrial electroheating standardization

Alicja Haras, Secretary of IEC Technical Committee (TC) 27:...

Conformity Assessment Plugged in safely

The home appliance industry is booming and is expected to...

Conformity Assessment Fossil fuels in the energy mix

While the part of renewable energy sources - solar, wind, marine...

Conformity Assessment Electronics essential for sustainable energy model

The energy sector relies on electronics for a smooth transition to efficiency and sustainability

IEC World IECRE marine energy promoted at largest global hydropower event

Standards and testing enable essential marine technology design evaluation

IEC World World Standards Day 2017

Celebrating the work of experts worldwide

IEC World Upcoming global events (October 2017-February 2018)

On the agenda: EMC, 5G networks, energy efficiency, IoT, HVDC, displays, hydrogen fuel cells and SCADA systems

IEC Family Increasing the speed of standardization

Interview with Jan-Henrik Tiedemann

IEC Family August, September and October 2017 nominations and extensions

The latest TC chair nominations and extensions approved by the SMB

In Store Baptism of fire

New Technical Report from IEC SC 121A