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Issue 06/2018

Broad societal challenges

IEC work underpins modern life

In his address to Council, Frans Vreeswijk, IEC General Secretary & CEO, reminded the audience that electrotechnology is essential in addressing broad societal challenges, such as universal energy access, more efficient use of energy, smart urbanization, climate change mitigation, digitization, cyber security, to name but a few. “Our vision is to have IEC work used everywhere to make the world more efficient and a safer place for everyone. To remain broadly relevant and avoid duplication, we need to cooperate extensively between technical committees in the IEC and with other organizations”, underlined Vreeswijk.

Issue 06/2018

The next generation of IEC leaders and experts

Eighty Young Professionals (YP) representing 39 countries gathered in Busan to participate in the ninth annual IEC Young Professionals Workshop held in conjunction with the IEC General Meeting.

The workshop provided participants with the opportunity to learn more about the IEC and its standardization and conformity assessment work. It included numerous breakout sessions and networking opportunities.

Issue 05/2018

From IEC Young Professional to President of the IEC National Committee of Sweden

An interview with Stina Wallström

Last April, Stina Wallström was elected President of Svensk Elstandard (SEK), the IEC National Committee of Sweden. In this position, Wallström is responsible for guiding the national committee and leading its involvement in international fora.

Standardization has been a leitmotiv throughout Wallström’s career. She first realized the importance of standards when completing her graduate studies in chemical engineering and has been engaged in standardization work ever since. Her initial foray into the IEC began with her participation in the Young Professional Programme (YPP) in 2013.

In an interview with e-tech, Wallström tells us more about her current work in standardization and encourages the next generation of leaders to become involved.

Issue 04/2018

Meet the Young Professionals

IEC Young Professionals in Busan for YP workshop

This year, around 70 Young Professionals (YP) are in Busan to attend the three-day YP Workshop held alongside the IEC General Meeting. For the YPs, this Workshop serves as an opportunity to learn more about the IEC work in standardization and conformity assessment as well as to network with the 3 000 IEC experts attending the General Meeting.

Issue 09/2016

Arming the IEC for the future

Jim Matthews goes over his six years at the helm of SMB

Over the past 6 years, IEC Vice-President and Standardization Management Board (SMB) Chair Jim Matthews served the IEC well. A calm, focused diplomat, he updated and helped put in place new structures and processes that will allow the IEC to satisfy market needs faster and even more efficiently. At the end of this year he will hand over to Ralph Sporer who has been elected at the General Meeting in Frankfurt.

This is how Jim remembers his time at the IEC; what he set out to do and what he accomplished.

Issue 04/2016

A call for tomorrow’s IEC leaders

IEC Young Professionals – 2016 workshop registration open

For the IEC Young Professionals Programme 2016 workshop, IEC National Committees have until the end of June to register participants, selected at national level. The 2016 workshop will be held in Frankfurt, from 10-12 October, during the IEC General Meeting. 

Issue 08/2015

Tomorrow's leaders

Introducing the IEC 2015 Young Professional Leaders

The IEC Young Professionals Programme is a forum for upcoming expert engineers, technicians and managers from throughout the world, who aspire to become more involved in the IEC and help shape the future of electrotechnology international standardization and conformity assessment. For this month’s magazine, e-tech introduces the three 2015 Leaders of the IEC Young Professionals Programme who were elected by their peers in Minsk, Belarus. Please give them your support!

Issue 08/2015

Outstanding contributions

IEC Young Professionals Programme alumni receive 1906 Award

The IEC has recognized the efforts of three Young Professionals Programme alumni with 1906 Awards in 2015. Congratulations on this achievement.

Issue 05/2015

Growing experts worldwide

An update on national equivalent IEC Young Professional Programmes

A frequent comment heard during the IEC Young Professionals (YP) workshops concerns the importance of National Committees’ support, especially to grow participation and engagement in the IEC YP programme.  The following article discusses the value that an NC gains from investing in a national equivalent IEC YP Programme. It also covers the main challenges faced by an NC once a national programme has been established and how these can be resolved.

Issue 09/2014

A smart organization for a smarter world

IEC President addresses Council

Addressing Council for the first time as IEC President, Junji Nomura expressed his pleasure at doing so in his home country, Japan. Satisfied with the state of the organization which he described as ‘strong and healthy’ with a ‘truly global reach’, he nonetheless emphasized the need for the IEC to continue to improve its services while keeping up with the fast-changing global market.

Issue 01/2012

Going ahead in Melbourne

Group elects its 2011 Young Professional Leaders

The aim of the Young Professionals Programme is to get young managers and engineers involved in IEC work and Conformity Assessment activities, engaging them and involving them more in shaping the future of international electrotechnical standization. Out of the 59 candidates selected by their IEC National Committee to participate in the October 2011 IEC General Meeting in Melbourne, Australia, three were elected by their peers as the group's Leaders.

Issue 01/2012

Communicating the value of standards

Elaine Clayton of Australia

Elaine Clayton is the Business Development & Marketing Manager for BWES (Black & White Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd), a regulatory compliance consultancy firm based in Sydney, Australia, that provides 'cradle to grave' testing and certification solutions and product development assistance/guidance to manufacturers of consumer products. Clayton has a degree in communications and is an associate member of the Australian Marketing Institute.

Issue 01/2012

Building up the tidal strait!

Jonathan Colby of the United States

Jonathan is a Hydrodynamic Engineer with Verdant Power, a marine renewable energy company that has its main project in New York City’s East River. He has been with the company since 2006 after he completed a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. As a member of the company’s Engineering and Resource Assessment Teams, his work includes turbine blade design, hydrodynamic modelling, data processing and analysis, fieldwork, and general turbine operation responsibilities for both US and Canadian projects.

Issue 01/2012

Measuring stick

Challenges in Asia Pacific

Interview with Robert Chua, former President of Singapore NC (National Committee) and CB (Council Board) member of the IEC as well as Chairman of the IEC Asia-Pacific Steering Group on challenges for the IEC in the Asia/Pacific region.