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Issue 08/2017

Growth and changes

As successful as ever, the IEC Affiliate Country Programme will see changes at the helm in 2018

The Affiliate Forum has been part of the IEC General Meeting (GM) agenda since 2009 and is a great opportunity for Affiliate delegations to meet, exchange views, share experiences and discuss common challenges and best practices, both at the global and regional levels.

Issue 09/2015

You are the IEC

IEC General Secretary addresses Council

During his address to Council, the IEC General Secretary & CEO, Frans Vreeswijk, provided a brief overview of key accomplishments since Tokyo and drew the audience’s attention to a number of topics of high importance for the future relevance of the Commission.

Issue 07/2015

Outreach and training

IEC Affiliate Country Programme broadens support to developing countries

The past 12 months were a busy period for the Affiliate Secretariat team. Workshops and conferences, mentoring and training were on the agenda. The Programme also welcomed its new Leader in January.

Issue 08/2013

Rural electrification support for developing countries

IEC, World Bank and UN Foundation TS 62257 offer

Electrification is one of the key drivers facilitating economic and socio-cultural development. However rural areas in developing countries can sometimes be too remote to connect to the main grid – in these circumstances renewable energy off-grid applications provide the most suitable energy solution.

Issue 05/2012

Connecting people

IECEE celebrates WTO ITA 15th anniversary

The past 15 years have seen the extraordinary growth of the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) sector. The emergence of mobile devices, and their immediate success in markets worldwide, has provided an additional boost to a sector that was already expanding rapidly.

Issue 04/2012

One test, one standard, everywhere

IECEE Affiliate status explained to ASEAN member countries

In an effort to establish a single market and production base with an aim to facilitate the free flow of goods, services and investment, ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) member countries are moving towards establishing the AEC (ASEAN Economic Community). The goal is to allow capital to flow more freely and to stimulate more equitable economic development, while reducing poverty and socio-economic disparities.