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Issue 05/2017

Is the future of lighting in OLED?

IEC publishes Standard for new lighting technology

The lighting market has been concentrating on energy-efficient solutions for years. After lamps relying on light emitting diode (LED) technology, new solutions based on organic LED (OLED) are emerging. Relevant International Standards for these are being developed by IEC Subcommittee (SC) 34A: Lamps. One such Standard covers performance requirements for OLED panels for general lighting.

Issue 08/2016

Stacking solar, setting standards

Solar photovoltaic installations on the cusp of significant performance boost

Rapid development of new materials and production techniques in solar photovoltaics (PV) is pushing both the limits of technology and relevant industry standards. With a swathe of new PV cell types emerging, the solar sector is set for a revolution. International Standards developed by IEC Technical Committee (TC) 82 and the IECEE certification scheme for PV help support this expansion.

Issue 01/2011

Get out the garlic

Holding energy vampires at bay

Almost every household in the developed world has a host of products that constantly suck away at energy, even when they do not appear to be switched on. These so-called energy vampires are all around us.

Issue 01/2011


Strong cooperation in SC 59F produces “dust-free” success

We probably take vacuum cleaners for granted. An easy flick of a switch and dust mites, dirt and tumbleweeds of dog hair disappear into a handy container. Even more astonishing, it’s possible to slurp up buckets of liquid without being electrocuted. Some homes boast robotic vacuums that look like hubcaps moving along the floor from room to room.