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Issue 02/2018

Trust in lab work

New edition of ISO/IEC 17025, the international reference for testing laboratories and calibration laboratories

Since the publication of its first edition in 1999, ISO/IEC 17025 has become the international reference for testing laboratories and for calibration laboratories around the world. The Standard contains requirements for laboratories to enable them to demonstrate they operate competently and are able to generate valid results. The process ensures that a laboratory’s quality management system is thoroughly evaluated on a regular basis to guarantee continued technical competence and compliance with ISO/IEC 17025.

Issue 08/2017

IEC and FINCA join forces

Cooperation agreement signed by the two organization

On 13 October 2017, during the 81st IEC General Meeting in Vladivostok, Russia, the Commission signed a cooperation agreement with FINCA, the Forum of the IEC National Committees of the Americas.

Issue 06/2016

Electricity access is key

Message from Frans Vreeswijk, IEC General Secretary & CEO

IEC work impacts all aspects of life. Electricity and electronics are the cornerstone for all economies in developing and developed countries. IEC International Standards together with IEC Conformity Assessment Systems support 12 out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Issue 06/2016

IEC-AFRC fully operational

IEC reinforces global presence with regional centre in Africa

Africa is the world’s second-fastest-growing region, topped only by emerging Asia. Over the coming years the African economy is expected to grow by 7,7% annually – almost double the rate of advanced economies. Even though Africa is starting from a low point, corresponding roughly to where Southeast Asia was 30 years ago, the opportunities are huge. Already now Africa is third in terms of investment, right after the European Union and China. A more reliable infrastructure and consistent energy access could significantly accelerate this trend.

Issue 04/2016

Shipping sets watch for [not so] distant cyberthreats

Maritime industry bodies consider pre-emptive measures to thwart cyberthreats

Piracy has posed a major security threat to mariners everywhere, from Asia to the Mediterranean, since time immemorial. In the future, threats from armed gangs boarding ships and holding vessels and crews for ransom may be replaced by ones from cyberspace. Every day, many institutions, establishments and individuals are the targets of cyberattacks. While the maritime industry has yet to record a major cyber incident, it recognizes that it is only a matter of time before some of its assets are targeted. As a result, it is taking pre-emptive measures, which include the adoption of International Standards, to mitigate the possibility of cyberattacks and their potential impact.

Issue 02/2016

Building trust is a must

Focus on conformity assessment at WSC Workshop

What is conformity assessment (CA)? Why is it important? Why is it inevitably linked to standards? Does it really add value to products and systems? Does it have a role in fighting counterfeit goods? Does it facilitate access to markets and trade? Those are just a few of the many questions that were raised during the World Standards Cooperation (WSC) Workshop on Conformity Assessment that took place in Geneva, Switzerland, on 1-2 December 2015. 

Issue 07/2014

Made in the World redefines trade

Out with "Made in X" or "Made in Y", the future is "Made in the World"

Today, unlike a few decades ago, industrial goods are less and less "Made in X" or Made in Y", but they are "Made in the World", even if not labelled as such. As the number of electrical components from multiple sources and countries integrated in industrial goods grows, IEC International Standards and the IEC's comprehensive CA (Conformity Assessment) Systems are proving to be central to this integration and to the expansion of global trade.