The power of protection

Protection, safety and performance central to IEC work

By Claire Marchand

The focus of the March edition of IEC e-tech is on dependability and enclosures.

television Snow on vintage TV screen

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Enclosures are a key part of electrical or electronic equipment and installations. They help prevent operators or users from being exposed to potential risks such as electric shocks. They protect the contents from their immediate environment. In electronics, enclosures can act as shields against electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

...and safety...

Disturbances caused by EMI can be annoying but harmless. “Snow” on your television screen is a thing of the past. Only the older generations will remember the disturbances caused when electrical appliances and tools were used near a TV or radio set. They were annoying but quite harmless.

When EMI affects the good functioning of medical devices, disturbs the electronics in cars or airplanes, the consequences are no longer harmless. These interferences can be fatal in an operation theatre, they can cause road accidents or plane crashes. all environments

In hazardous areas, enclosures must be able to contain any explosion originating within its housing and prevent sparks from within its housing from igniting vapours, gases, dust, or fibres in the air surrounding it.

The safety, the protection of anyone building, installing, or using electrical and electronic equipment is at the core of IEC standardization and Conformity Assessment (CA) work. As is dependability – the “ability to perform as and when required” – a major factor in the evaluation ad acceptance of product and system performance.

The March issue, which also takes a closer look at, the protection of radiation instrumentation and the safety of motor-operated electric tools, will highlight the work done in these fields by many of its IEC Technical Committees and Subcommittees and its CA Systems.

TPG enclosure Electrical enclosure for the public transport system in a Geneva street
television Snow on vintage TV screen
Claire Marchand Claire Marchand, Managing Editor e-tech