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Issue 03/2018

Upcoming global events

On the agenda: Off-grid power, energy, EVs, batteries, hydropower, IoT, smart cities, cables and wires, renewable energies, nano tech and more

The IEC regularly supports key global and regional industry events.

Issue 02/2018

Upcoming global events

On the agenda: Energy and utilities, IoT, energy storage, EV batteries and hydropower

The IEC regularly supports key global and regional industry events, which can present the IEC endorsement on their website and materials.

Issue 05/2017

Behind the virtual wheel

Simulation technology helps advance autonomous vehicles and intelligent transport

Virtual reality (VR) applications are improving the workplace of diverse industries. From construction, military and mining, to training first responders, practising complex surgery, or enhancing classroom learning, the list of VR solutions being developed continues to grow.

Issue 03/2017

Charging on the go

Wireless charging advances with IEC International Standards

Each day buses log thousands of kilometers following routes on the streets of cities and towns around the globe. It may seem unremarkable, then, for a fleet of buses to have provided a total of 500 000 kilometers of service this January. But these are no ordinary buses…

Issue 03/2017

To drive or not to drive?

The car of the future is already here

Imagine someone who hasn’t driven a car in the past 30 years. Taking the wheel of a modern car today, this person would probably be lost trying to figure out all the electronics inside. Voice command, self-driving cars, and even GPS navigation were still sci-fi ideas in the 1980s…

Issue 03/2016

Going all electric soon?

The electrification of urban transport is underway

Growing concern about the adverse impact of noxious emissions from internal combustion engines is driving the electrification of public means of urban transportation on roads and, increasingly, on water too. 

Issue 06/2015

EVs charging wirelessly

Future EVs may not need to plug in to charge their batteries

The growing number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the roads relies on cabled connections to the grid for charging. Wireless power transfer (WPT) is seen as an attractive alternative to plug-in charging. The IEC has published the first in a series of International Standards aimed at paving the way to the adoption of WPT for EV charging.

Issue 03/2011

Plug them in, move them on!

IEC work on International Standards for EV charging

Electrification is essential for the long-term sustainability of individual transportation. Manufacturers are now offering a wide choice of EVs (electric vehicles). Some of these, plug-in EVs, require charging from the electrical grid.