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Issue 05/2015

Powerful and quick as the wind

Wind power is set to gather more pace with the growing reliance on renewable energies

As countries throughout the world try to increase the share of renewable energies (REs) in their electricity generation portfolio, wind power has surfaced as the most cost-effective and fastest-growing new RE sources in recent decades. Standardization work by IEC Technical Committee (TC) 88: Wind turbines, has made this expansion possible.

Issue 09/2014

A quiet force

Tribute to Hiromichi Fujisawa, IEC Vice-President and CAB Chairman

Hiromichi Fujisawa, IEC Vice President and Chairman of CAB (Conformity Assessment Board) will step down at the end of 2014. Under his competent and thoughtful leadership IEC CA (Conformity Assessment) Systems have become stronger expanding their portfolio to better serve industry. A new CA System, IECRE, saw the light of day and will serve the needs of the renewable energy industry, in particular wind, marine and solar PV, and a new governance structure will provide a strong basis for the future. Fujisawa has left his mark on the IEC and the IEC CA Systems in many positive ways. 

Issue 09/2014

Getting ready for new challenges

The General Meeting paves the way for the future of the IEC

Traditionally, the December issue of e-tech provides feedback on the IEC GM (General Meeting), held in Tokyo, Japan, this year.

Issue 05/2014

Tackling cybersecurity threats

IECEE is developing the necessary strategy and business plan to minimize exposure to these risks

The development of automation throughout the 20th century brought enormous changes to the industrial world: some jobs disappeared, others underwent major transformations, new ones were created and, most importantly, the interaction between man and machine was altered forever. The rapid evolution of IT (information technology) in the second part of the 20th century enabled engineers to create increasingly complex control systems that integrated fully between the factory floor and the office environment.