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Issue 01/2017

Smart, compatible chargers

IEC enables smart charging solution for consumer portable devices

Over the last decade, technology advances have led to the rapidly growing use of consumer electronics, connecting millions of people as never before and changing the way we operate in everyday life. Until now, the emergence of all these intelligent devices has had one drawback: proprietary charging systems, meaning millions of chargers and cables that add to the already huge pile of e-waste throughout the world.

Issue 06/2016

IEC and USB-IF united in e-waste fight

Global single-cable solution for audio, video, data and power

The amount of global e-waste — discarded electrical and electronic equipment — reached nearly 49 tonnes in 2013. On average that is more than 20 kg for each person on the planet. By 2017 it is predicted that the world will produce approximately 65 million tonnes of e-waste, or a 33% increase, according to a study conducted by a partnership of United Nations organizations, industry, governments and scientists.

Issue 05/2016

Global single-cable solution for audio/video, data and power

IEC formally adopts USB Type-C™, USB Power Delivery and USB 3.1 Specifications

The IEC remains committed to reducing e-waste and fostering re-usability of electronic devices’ power supplies. First there was the universal charger for smartphones, followed by the single charger for notebook computers. Now it’s time for a single cable for audio/video, data and power supply – thanks to work by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) and the IEC.