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Issue 02/2018

Smart buildings for smart living

Open Sesame! Or the door to your home, using voice command

Our world is getting smarter by the minute. Voice recognition allows us to tell devices to do things, such as find a specific TV channel or remind us of all our appointments for the day. Smart agriculture uses sensors, connected machinery and smartphone apps to tell farmers when to water their fields, while intelligent road infrastructure is improving road safety and congestion and all in real time.

Issue 09/2015

Active Assisted Living: from strategy to reality

IEC SyC AAL up and running

Assuring quality of life for ageing populations is a global issue that in future may impact countries’ health and social systems to the point of jeopardizing their financial stability. Solutions that allow the elderly to stay active, independent and living at home for as long as possible are essential. Central to this work is the new IEC System Committee on Active Assisted Living (SyC AAL).