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Issue 06/2017

Strengthening participation

IEC Affiliate Country Programme committed to provide invaluable support to developing countries

Each year sees an increase not only in the number of countries participating in the IEC Affiliate Country Programme but also in the number of International Standards adopted as national ones, national electrotechnical committees (NECs) established and Affiliate Plus status granted. In the past 12 months, the Affiliate Secretariat has been extremely busy supporting participants in the Programme through workshops, seminars, webinars and training sessions, to name but a few of the support activities organized to raise awareness and know-how in developing countries. 

Issue 09/2015

Upcoming global events

Closing the year and looking ahead

The IEC regularly supports key global and regional industry events, which can present the IEC endorsement on their website and materials.

Issue 09/2015

Using and referencing International Standards to support public policy

International conference highlights the important role of standardization in global trade, industry, society and its impact closer to home

A conference entitled ‘Using and referencing International Standards to support public policy’, was organized by IEC, ISO and UNECE at the United Nations, Geneva, in November. The attending 175 participants heard how International Standards help to support public policy and enable resilient world trade, policymaking, electrical energy efficiency, safety in the food and medical devices industries, as well as contribute significantly towards disaster risk reduction and sustainable development goals. Here are some of the highlights.

Issue 07/2014

Made in the World redefines trade

Out with "Made in X" or "Made in Y", the future is "Made in the World"

Today, unlike a few decades ago, industrial goods are less and less "Made in X" or Made in Y", but they are "Made in the World", even if not labelled as such. As the number of electrical components from multiple sources and countries integrated in industrial goods grows, IEC International Standards and the IEC's comprehensive CA (Conformity Assessment) Systems are proving to be central to this integration and to the expansion of global trade.

Issue 05/2012

Connecting people

IECEE celebrates WTO ITA 15th anniversary

The past 15 years have seen the extraordinary growth of the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) sector. The emergence of mobile devices, and their immediate success in markets worldwide, has provided an additional boost to a sector that was already expanding rapidly.